Monday, December 21, 2015

Last week I volunteered for a winter-themed class party. Our two “class Moms” were in charge of arranging activities for the party while the rest of us helped with food preparation, serving and supervising kids during their activities. Everyone really enjoyed the party, and I wanted to share details on my blog in case you are thinking of helping to organize a winter class party this winter or perhaps during the next Christmas season. These winter activities and games could also work for a winter birthday.
Winter Class Party for Elementary School

Start with Breakfast

I appreciated the fact that the party started first thing in the morning when the kids were still rested and better able to deal with all the extra excitement. I also liked it that class parents did not ask volunteers to produce Pinterest-worthy themed dishes. Honestly, kids were just as excited about ordinary frozen waffles, bagels, bacon, egg casserole, and fruit as they would have been about carefully arranged snacks, and it was a lot easier for parents to prepare and deliver to school.

Book Exchange

Since this was a holiday party, it also included a present exchange. Each child brought a wrapped book from home (that was done several days in advance to make sure that everyone remembers to bring a book and several families, including ours, donated extra books to ensure that everyone gets a book). Then the kids sat in a circle with their own book and the teacher read them The Night Before Christmas. Every time the students heard the word the, they passed the books around, and the book they ended up in the end was theirs to keep. There were plenty of giggles and excitement during this activity.

Building with Gumdrops

Our next activity was building with gumdrops. Younger kids could probably do better with a free form gumdrop building, but most fourth graders could follow verbal instructions to build a pretty gumdrop snowflake ornament that you can see in the lead image of this post. I heard that some schools disallow toothpicks because they are sharp, but luckily our school did not descend into that kind of overprotective madness. We made sure we have enough toothpicks on hand, because they tend to break if they are poked too enthusiastically into gumdrops.

Snowman Relay Race

We live in Northern California, and we were blessed with great weather on the day of the party, so we could conduct this game outside. The prep included 9 snowmen vests made out of garbage bags, 9 plastic top hats, 9 brooms made out of brown bags, 9 pairs of gloves, 9 scarves, and a bunch of paper carrot noses with strings. Then the kids were divided into 3 teams of 9 students. In each relay, 3 students of each team ran the race and the others cheered. The task was to run to snowman clothes and put them on remembering all 6 parts, then run back to their own team and tag the next teammate. Once all 3 students from the team were dressed in their snowmen outfits, that team would get a point, and the kids would take a group snowmen picture before undressing and returning their costumes to the piles for another race. They got to keep their carrot noses for a final class group picture and also because we did not want them to share their snot germs. As you can imagine, this game that took kids outside and let them run and play was the most popular activity of the day.

Blind Drawing

Once the kids settled back down, the last activity was “blind drawing”. Each student got a white paper plate and put it on his or her head. Then they followed verbal instructions to draw a snowman. The kids were squealing with laughter and excitement when they saw the results. After that, we gave the teacher her holiday gift, cleaned up, and it was time for their recess and for the party to be over. I was happy that I got to participate this time – as a working parent, I usually don’t get to go to this events. I was also very grateful for our parent volunteers that work behind the scenes preparing these events and making them fun for everyone in the class.

Your Turn

Winter class party or winter birthday - activities and games for kids

How active are you in your kids' school?

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Ticia said...

Looks like a fun Christmas party for all!

JL said...

Great party! Makes me miss being in the classroom.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I love the book exchange idea.