Saturday, November 7, 2015

Highlights of the Week

Peter Pan
The first week of November just flew by. Time change was a big help to all of us, since naturally Smarty is a late riser. She enjoyed an extra hour of sleep in the morning and was rested and ready to go in the morning. And she really needed this energy,  because it was a week of Peter Pan show. For the first 3 days kids practiced from school release time until 7 pm every night, and then they had performances for two nights. We attended both nights and really enjoyed seeing Smarty bringing her sense of humor to her role of Smee. The kids did amazing this year due to heroic efforts of parent volunteers who gathered them together for 3 weeks every lunch recess to practice their lines. We are very proud of all Peter Pan performers and producers!


In addition to having a week of rehearsals, it was an “assessment week” in school, probably in preparation for parent-teacher conferences. Everyone took a lot of tests in math and in ELA. Smarty said that math was easy and ELA was hard. I guess we will hear how she did when we meet with her teacher two weeks for now.

After School

Last weekend Smarty played with slime, and really enjoyed it. The rest of the week was spent in Peter Pan rehearsals.

What My Child Is Reading

The Fantom Tollbooth
Smarty always carries books in her school backpack – she has several of them going at the same time, some of them are from school library, some from her classroom. Last week I made her to get everything out and reorganize her backpack, and she had a couple of Encyclopedia Brown paper backs, something about horses, and The Phantom Tollbooth.  I don’t think that she cared for it much, because she switched in the middle to race through another book in 13th Reality series – The Blade of Shattered Hope.

Memory of the Week

I loved not only how Smarty performed in the show but also jow she developed good chemistry and friendship with her Captain Hook. They worked amazingly well together.
Hook & Smee

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Your Turn

How was your week?


Phyllis said...

What a wonderful experience for her. A great week, indeed.

Ticia said...

Those are some pretty awesome costumes for the play.

It looks like she had a lot of fun in it.