Saturday, October 3, 2015

Highlights of the Week

This week fall really arrived to us with some spectacular sunsets and rain! Unfortunately, it also meant that we had clouds on the day of lunar eclipse and only saw the second part after full eclipse was over. My husband had the first sessions of an engineering club at school, and it went rather well. Now he has to “rinse and repeat” the same lesson 7 more times to take every fourth grader through building a “jitterbug”.
I had a pretty busy week at work, but for various reasons I started to seriously look for a new job and had my first interview in the last 16 years on Friday. I won’t know the results until the next week, but it felt good to brush off those interviewing skills. In the meantime, Smarty had her last reasonably “relaxed” week – next week she is adding band and choir to her list of activities. I hope she will not get sick before that, because it looks like both she and my husband are fighting some sort of a bug right now.


This week Smarty’s school has elections to a school council. 4th graders could run for 4 positions of “publicity commissioners”, i.e. poster makers. Smarty really wanted to be elected. To her credit, she did all the prep work required – made me sign a permission form, created a poster, wrote and delivered a speech, but… she did not get it. She is understandably upset, but I think it opened up a good opportunity to discuss popularity and how much it means to her.

After School

Smarty loves baking, and we managed a new recipe this week trying out very fall appropriate pumpkin cookies. She spent most of the days, however, reading and or playing after school. On weekend we also did a pretty cool art project, but I will tell you more in a post on my blog next week.

What My Child Is Reading

Diary of a Mad Brownie
We did not make it to the library this week, but Smarty picked two new books from her school library – Mary Poppins and this Diary of a Mad Brownie. She really enjoyed this book and even recommended it to me.

Best Memory of the Week

Smarty got her trumpet on loan from school, and she is super excited about it. She can’t wait for a special “beginner trumpet” class next week. We joke that we will be going for walks leaving her to practice it after dinner Smile

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Your Turn

How was your weekend?


An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I'm curious to see the "cool art project". E and C also just finished Mary Poppins - then we watched "Saving Mr. Banks" and Disney's "Mary Poppins" - both girls preferred the Mary from the book to the movie version. Good luck on your job search!

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

There were some incredible sunsets last week!

I spent a summer playing trumpet, and I remember it sounding quite shrill at the beginning especially...

You have reminded me that I need to make pumpkin cookies again.

Emma ran for student council and did not get it here as well.

I hope your interview leads to an interesting job offer!