Saturday, September 5, 2015

Highlights of the Week

Puppet Theater
We are getting back to school routine. We had a bit more “drama” this week than usual, but I think that’s because we are all still getting used to early days, and less time is available for things Smarty likes to do. At least, this week Smarty was able to wake up with her alarm clock and get ready on her own, so mornings were not very rushed. She still wishes she had more time to herself, just as millions of other kids heading back to school, but she aims to please her new teacher. She returned to her gymnastics class and auditioned for Peter Pan performance in her school. We will know on Tuesday what role she got.


We had asked to meet up with Smarty’s teacher this week, because we had two burning topics to discuss – group work and differentiation. Smarty is not a big fan of group work, especially if she is stuck in a dysfunctional group, and her current group is exactly that kind of group. Over one week Smarty moved from I don’t like group work attitude to I cannot do it, and we wanted to hear Smarty’s teacher advice on how to handle it. We really liked this teacher and what she had to say about the challenges that all student face in the beginning of the year. She agreed to make some changes in groups, so Smarty can experience more positive emotions and not just frustration during group projects, which, by the way, take significant role in 4th grade curriculum. The teacher also had some good ideas on differentiation – we offered any help she needs, and we will probably iron out details by the end of September. We are hoping that Smarty will have a very good year in this classroom!

After School

Smarty was “between books” last weekend, and she spent most of it playing with her Lego sets. It was fun to see her getting out her formidable Lego Friends collection that she refuses to disassemble and adding her own elements to it, such as this “animal show”. She also wrote poems about leaves and played Cyber Chase games on the computer.

What My Child Is Reading

This section contains Amazon affiliate link, for full disclosure, please click here. Smarty finished Septimus Heap series last week and really wanted to get a supplemental book The Magykal Papers. Our library did not have it, but she could get it through a library exchange program. Smarty was not pleased about the wait, but consoled herself with Judy Blume books from her class library.

Favorite Memory of the Week

Smarty lost a tooth, and Tooth Fairy totally forgot to appear overnight. Smarty still pretends to believe in Tooth Fairy, and she generated several reasons for her delay including a possible collision with a drone plane.

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Your Turn

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maryanne @ mama smiles said...

That is so funny about the tooth fairy explanations!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

A drone collision!?! That poor fairy.

Ticia said...

When our tooth fairy is lost it is generally because she couldn't get through the debris in the room without serious injury.

However our tooth fairy is out of excuses in the boys' room because it's so clean right now it shines (thanks in large part to our taking away every single item in their room aside from their beds).