Saturday, September 19, 2015

Highlights of the Week

The weeks are getting busy, and they are going to get even busier in October when school band and choir rehearsals will start. Smarty convinced us to let her be both in band and in choir, because she attended a band introductory night and fell in love with… a trumpet. She really wants to learn how to play a trumpet, so we agreed to let her try it out on the condition that she will actually practice it. On Tuesday and Thursday, Smarty had her first rehearsals for Peter Pan. This will require even more practice at home, because her role of Smee has several scenes with a lot of lines. Finally, on Wednesday she has now a Lego Robotics afterschool club. I am curious how that goes – she said that she is the only girl there, and she is not as “hands on” as her boy friends.


I cannot honestly say that Smarty enjoys going to school, because of the need to get out of bed early morning, but she is not complaining either. So far they had blissfully little homework, and all classwork comes back with high marks. She passed a post-test and was excused from their current math unit on multiplication. Instead, she is working with 2 other students on a pretty hard logic problem that their teacher found for them. They’ve been at it for 3 days now with no result. I know that it’s not easy, since my husband and I solved it independently just for fun, and it took both of us over 30 minutes. I am curious to see whether they will eventually crack it or if the teacher has them move on to something else. The best school highlight for Smarty this week is that they were given pens for writing. Strangely, at home she resisted the idea of switching from pencil to pen, but at school she is quite eager to do so.

After School

Because of all after school activities, Smarty did not really have much free time at home, but we still made a point to go for walks every day and go to the library every week. Smarty also enjoyed the activity that she found in her Ask magazine – it involved rolling a die and drawing different monsters. I might write more about it later this month. We also continue with Redbird Mathematics math program for 5th grade every evening to close gaps in Smarty’s math knowledge as it is currently spread over several years of school curriculum. I cannot say that she is enjoying it immensely, but she is plugging along.

Places We Are Going

We spent last weekend camping with our friends in one of our county parks. Smarty had three of her class mates and their younger siblings to play with, and we enjoyed spending time with other parents. Smarty’s favorite camp memory, however, was not playing with friends, but “raising” and observing roly polies trying to figure out what they eat.

What My Child Is Reading

Medicine News
Smarty read a healthy dose of both fiction and non-fiction this week. Her favorite fiction book this week was The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin, and her favorite non fiction was hilarious and educational Medicine News by Philip Gates.

Favorite Memory of the Week

It’s not necessarily a favorite memory as it happened in the middle of an argument, but I am quite impressed with how well my 8 year old can argue to get herself out of trouble. Her reasoning after some wiggling to see if she could convince me to change my opinion about the event went somewhat like this, Yes, Mama, you are right. I did X, but I should have done Y. Next time I will do Z instead. Now, let’s not dwell on this, try to repair our day and go to the library to get us both into better mood. In other words, she deftly used my old lesson on how to deal with an angry adult and mirrored pretty much everything I tell her to get her out of a funk.

Popular Posts of the Week

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Your Turn

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Phyllis said...

She seems busy and happy.

Ticia said...

I'm curious about the logic puzzle. I should look into some puzzles for my kids. I always loved them.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

You need to share the logic problem!!! :)

Kylie said...

Sounds like she has herself a great teacher!