Monday, September 28, 2015

Do your older kids love their time on the computer? You can leverage their love for technology and further by starting a joint digital journal.
Benefits of digital journaling with kids

Why a Digital Journal?

I tried several times to start a physical journal with Smarty, but it never lasted for long. It’s not that Smarty does not enjoy writing – nowadays she does, but she does not seem to find time at home to write. On the other hand, she is very willing to spend any extra time on the computer (we limit her game time), and her school requires students to practice typing at home.  In addition, digital journaling allows us to easily insert pictures, or links to the sites, making our journal more interactive.

How to Set Up a Digital Journal

Smarty is already using Google Docs in school when they type some of their writing assignments.  Each student has their own school Google email and has access to Google Drive. I simply created my own Google document and shared it with her. I taught her to start every entry with a title indicating a date, so we can check back to it later.

Does It Work?

Smarty is thrilled with her new journal. She loves that she can check in school if I wrote anything new for her (it provides a nice surprise during her day), and she usually writes in it every day and scours the web for interesting facts about the day or funny quotes. Here is one of her entries:

Level of consciousness
Wow. He’s smart!
Say more in your next entry.

Your Turn

Digital journals with kids - how and why

Do you do journaling with kids?

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shelah moss said...

The digital journal is an awesome idea. It is a great way to combine technology with writing skills.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I love this idea! I have a digital journal, but so far I have had my kids journal the traditional way. I think they would love this version!