Saturday, August 15, 2015

Highlights of the Week

This was our last full week of vacation before school, and it was a rather busy week. Smarty had another visit to an orthodontist office to check on her palate expander. We were all surprised to learn that her palate has already expanded enough, and we don’t need to turn the key one notch every night any longer. Now an expander will stay for another 6 weeks, and then it will be taken out, and her braces will come in. She is quite excited about that. My husband stayed at home from work this week, and Smarty had a luxury of waking up whenever she felt like and planning her day on her own. She also had a great time with her adult German second cousins and with her friends – we had several play dates planned, and she enjoyed all of them.

Summer Learning and Fun

Smarty had a lot of time this week to do what she wanted to do. She even ventured into crafts, which she does not do often. She worked hard on this string art present for her 18 year old German cousin. We also discovered a new math site called Math Fights.  It’s a free site where players can challenge each other and answer math questions. The questions are hard, and the site is designed for middle grade math and up, but Smarty loves this real challenge, and her desire to wrap her mind around harder math jumped up significantly. It’s also interesting for me to see that she performs better under time pressure than without it.

Places We Are Going

When we have visitors, we like to take them to the Roaring Camp – a working 19th century steam train traveling through redwood forest of Santa Cruz mountains. This trip is kind of “old hat” for Smarty, but she still enjoys it. There is also a nice and flat 1.5 mile loop train in the State park that is located right next to the station, so we could enjoy redwood trees both from the train and from our walk. On Monday, Smarty also went to San Francisco with her father and her cousins and visited her favorite Exploratorium Museum.

What My Child Is Reading

Snicker of magic
This part contains Amazon affiliate links for full disclosure, click here. We didn’t make it to the library this week, but Smarty caught up with a couple of books she didn’t bother reading from her previous library trip. As usual, one of them was a big success with her – A Snicker of Magic by Natalie Lloyd. Together we are reading through Junior Genius’ Guide to Human Body by Ken Jennings.

Best Memory of the Week

We had a lot of neighborhood walks together this week talking about all sorts of things. Finally, Smarty is getting excited about going back to school, and I asked her what she is looking forward to learning this year. She thought for a bit and then said, California history. Then I asked her what she would like to learn if she could learn anything. She said almost instantly, Calculus! I told her that she has to learn algebra first and she said, Thanks, but I already know algebra.

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Phyllis said...

I love that first picture! Her string art is beautiful! Sounds like it was a great summer week.

Ticia said...

I remember loving string art. Especially when we did it in math class one year and it became a great geometry lesson.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

That train looks very cool!