Saturday, August 29, 2015

Highlights of the Week

It was the first full week of school, and we are all still getting used to early mornings and long school days. My husband left on a business trip early on Wednesday, so I was solo parenting the rest of the week. Smarty was a trooper and was able to get herself ready for school with minimal fuss, especially since she could read a book if she had any time left before the time we need to leave for school. However, every morning she was telling me that she does not want to go to school and that she would much rather stay at home. She started to cheer up by the end of the week when she and other gifted kids that ended up in her class started getting differentiated assignments in math.

After School

El Nino might be on its way to us, but so far the weather stayed stubbornly hot as it usually is in the end of August. We took advantage of it and spent several late afternoons at the pool, swimming off the stress of the day. Next week we will have less free time in the afternoon, because Smarty will start auditioning and rehearsing for their school musical. It’s going to be Peter Pan this year, and she is really hoping to be Tinkerbell, but agrees that being a pirate is pretty cool too.

Places We Are Going

I have a very fond memory of going to circus performances in my native city Minsk while growing up, and I still enjoy circus as an adult. I want to share this experience with Smarty, and so last Saturday we went to see Ringling Bros performance at SAP Arena in San Jose. We had great seats, and we both enjoyed the show, but it was certainly exhausting with a lot of things happening at the same time on a huge arena. Smarty’s favorite number was clowns performing with trained dogs – they were certainly very entertaining.

What My Child Is Reading

This section contains Amazon affiliate links, for full disclosure please click here. Smarty is crazy about Septimus Heap series by Angie Sage. Each book is enormous, but she devoured all of 7 of them over the last 10 days (we got them on Kindle through our library’s electronic media borrowing program). This might explain her reluctance to go to school, since her mind is firmly set in the fantasy world of Septimus Heap. I wonder what she will read once she is back from it.

Best Memory of the Week

I enjoyed picking up Smarty every day from school and listening to her stories of a school day. Despite being reluctant to leave house in the morning, she was happy and full of energy in the afternoon. Here she was explaining to me what they did during a PE class. Hopefully, this year will be a good year for her!

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An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

The pirates will probably get better songs :)

Ticia said...

Just don't let her watch the atrocious version they made last winter on ABC, it was horrible, have her watch the classic one or the one from a few years ago with Kathy Rigby.

I can just imagine her not wanting to get up for school.