Monday, August 10, 2015

Are you ready to go back to school? We had a great summer break, but now Smarty has to reluctantly face the reality that her school year is just 10 days away!
Getting Ready for a New School Year

Make a Visual Checklist

When we have a big project at home, we like to tackle it with a task board. To motivate Smarty to start thinking of her newschool year, I cleared one area of our wall board in the kitchen for her own task board. Then we sat together and brainstormed what we need to do before next Thursday. We already had a haircut checked off our list, but we still have a few things on our “to do” list. Smarty was not delighted to remember that she has not put a single book on the summer reading list given her in school, despite the fact that she read dozens of books this summer. This time I am not going to bail her out and will see instead whether she will make an effort to put at least a few of those on her list or perhaps she will come up with a logical and easier solution to print out her library reading history.

Have a Year Start Interview

We have done a year start interview last year, and will be doing it again this year. It’s interesting to record the answers and see how they change year over year.

Write Down Your Favorite Things About School

Get kids excited about school with an open-ended art project that would highlight their favorite things about school.

Consult With Your Older Kids on Transition

Generally speaking, many kids and parents start transition to earlier bedtimes about 2 weeks in advance moving bedtime 10-15 min every day. I discussed this approach with Smarty who now goes to bed at about 9:30 pm on how she wants to move back to 8:30 pm bedtime and she said that she prefers to just switch it right before school, because she enjoys being able to sleep in and wake up on her own internal clock that seems to be ringing at around 8 am. We agreed to this approach, especially because our school starts in the middle of the week, so she has a few days of the first week to adjust to early mornings and recover on the weekend.

More Ideas for the Classroom?

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Your Turn

How are you getting ready for the first day of school?


Ticia said...

We're trying to move the kids back to their school bedtimes, but it's slow going.

shelah moss said...

I really like our idea of doing a back to school interview. That will be really precious to look back at in the future.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

We are not ready to go back to school here!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

8:00 am is our normal school year rising time - so we don't have to switch things around too much for fall. I might have to start thinking about an earlier bedtime though, if I want to have any quiet morning prep time. I like the task board for prep, it's a good way to get Smarty aiming toward school - sort of like our fall fun tree, just a little more grown-up and serious.