Monday, August 24, 2015

I am delighted to join with my friends from Kid Blogger Network to bring you the best activities for kids and a chance to win $500! Since we love Lego in our house, I chose to share a “Lego Project Calendar” – 12 fun Lego projects for 12 months of the year.
Lego Projects Calendar - 12 Lego Projects for 12 Months of the Year

1. January Lego Project

lego-snowglobes-01Build a Lego snow globe following a simple tutorial from Handimania. A similar project (with more detailed instructions) can be found on Lemon Lime Adventures.

2. February Lego Project

Valentine Lego Lantern

For the last Valentine’s Day we built this working Valentine lantern that holds electrical tea candles.  If you celebrate Chinese New Year which usually takes place in February, you might build animals of Chinese Zodiac out of Lego (this post contains video instructions for each build).

3. March Lego Project

Have you ever built a leprechaun trap? This is a great open-ended engineering challenge for kids with many outcomes. Check out these two different Lego leprechaun trap ideas from Brain Power Boy. 

4. April Lego Project

We built these Lego egg racers first in 2014 and repeated them again in 2015. Now there is a talk from my husband about building a race track for Lego egg race 2016!

5. May Lego Projectlego garden

Make a Lego garden. Our guest post at Bedtime Math had a twist – our garden was a Fibonacci Lego garden with a Fibonacci sequence of various Lego pieces used in the build.

6. June Lego Project

Take Lego outside with this terrific Lego water wheel engineering project from Frugal Fun for Boys. Your kids can also build Lego boats and investigate buoyancy while they are at it.

7. July Lego Project

Lego Travel Kit
Traveling in summer? Take along this terrific portable Lego kit from Mama. Papa. Bubba.

8. August Lego Project

This is a science project and a fun outside summer Lego play at once – knocking down Lego towers with ice bowling balls. Source: Lemon Lime Adventures.

9. September Lego Project

Lego Apple Tree
Some kids that are more interested in art than in engineering will appreciate creating mosaic art with Lego pieces. Here is a beautiful apple tree Lego mosaic from Little Bins for Little Hands.

10. October Lego Project

Also from Little Bins for Little Hands – let your kids design a Lego jack-or-lantern or Lego candy corn. I am thinking of building a Lego haunted house this year!

11. November Lego Project

Lego Drawbot
Stuck inside because of rain or snow? Combine engineering and art and build a Lego drawbot or a Lego spin art machine.

12. December Lego Project

Build your Advent calendar out of Lego using these ideas from Frugal Fun for Boys. Or, perhaps, you celebrate Hanukkah or both holidays like we do? Then build a Lego menorah!

Your Turn

12 Lego Projects for 12 Months of the Year

How often do your kids build with Lego and what are they building?

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Ticia said...

To answer the question in the giveaway: we don't really have many fall traditions because we don't really get a fall. But.... we do decorate our house for Halloween.

I love the December project you shared.

Deborah Nielson said...

I love the projects you listed for each month. We actually built a Lego haunted house last year. This is a link to the pictures/video of the house (You can delete the link if it's not okay to have it here.)

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Brilliant post! You know that my family adores all things LEGO.

Eunice Punzalan said...

Love this! Thanks for the inspiration & a chance to win $500!

Erin Vincent said...

Love all of these ideas! Thanks for sharing at the Learn and Play Link up!

Wise Owl Factory said...

These are fabulous and fun and also help teach so many things! Shared on Pinterest and Twitter. Thanks!