Saturday, July 25, 2015

Highlights of the Week

It was the second week of swim classes and “staycation” with Papa for Smarty. This year, she loved swim class and made significant progress in her breaststroke technique. The only thing that she disliked about the class was having to wash and brush her hair every night. This week, Smarty discovered Scratch – a separate post about it is coming on Monday. She was also happy to see her friends from school in three different playdates – unfortunately, they all don’t live close enough for a casual stopping by. My workload was unusually light – there was a delay in my major project, so I almost felt on vacation myself.

Summer Learning

We were hoping that Smarty will be in a more “making” mood this week, especially with her Papa being home, but even watching videos from online Maker’s Camp did not inspire her to do anything on her own. However, we finally “updated” our summer T-shirts with our summer adventures, and she reorganized somewhat her art supplies by making these art supplies storage boxes out of cardboard with Papa. We also watched a lot of interesting videos on the topics of her choice through Ted Ed Lessons – her current interests revolve around cosmology and workings of human brain.

What My Child Is Reading

Is Anybody Out There
In the middle of the week, we had a “showdown” with Smarty about her spending hours on comic books and declared comics off limits until we see her using her time better. It worked, and Smarty switched to other projects spending hours on Scratch instead, but she didn’t read as much as she usually does this week even though we went to the library last Friday. Her favorite book from our last library haul was Is Anybody Out There? (Amazon affiliate link) about current alien theories and search for extra-terrestrial life.

Best Memory of the WeekFlyingRing

The weather was not as hot this week, and Smarty and I were going for late afternoon walks every day. I enjoy listening to her developing her theories as we walk – anything from the Big Bang theories to why she is still best friends with someone even though they argue a lot to how Scratch works. I enjoy this tradition of 1:1 time and hope that we will continue to do it when she is older.

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Your Turn

How was your week?


maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I am sad we missed the not-hot week! But Massachusetts was worth it :)