Saturday, July 11, 2015

Highlights of the Week

We had  a wonderful 4th of July street party and flew to visit my parents on Sunday night. Smarty is enjoying time in green and wet New Jersey. She spends her time playing, going to the pool with my parents, and reading. She certainly enjoys all the attention from Babushka and Dedushka, and I am trying to “stay out of spoiling business” as she requested me to. Today we are hoping to go to New York City – I used to live in New York and excited about returning there if only for a day.

Independence Day Celebration

Independence Day Magic
Every 4th of July our street throws a big street party – with a water slide, a mini-golf, and a dunk tank, games for kids, and a giant potluck. This celebration turns Independence Day into a true birthday party, and Smarty is eagerly looking forward to it every year. This time we had a lower turnout than usual, because 4th of July fell on Saturday, but it was still good to mingle with our neighbors and watch fireworks together.

Time with Grandparents

For the past few years, we “dropped off” Smarty with my parents and went on “vacation for adults”. This year, however, I “delivered” her to New Jersey and stayed on to work remotely from my parents’ home. This changed the dynamics of the week a little, but Smarty always enjoys time with Babushka and Dedushka. She was happy to go to the pool and park with them, but she also wanted some time on her own to play with many toys that my parents collected for her over years. Interestingly, she played for hours with Barbie dolls and toy furniture – something that she never does at home.

What My Child Is Reading

Smarty raided the library here and brought a dozen books home. But with her reading speed, an average chapter book lasts her about an hour. I was anticipating it and downloaded all 4 books from Unstoppable series from Kindle lending library that is available from our public library. She swallowed three and I asked her to keep the last one for the flight back.

Best Memory of the Week

It was fun listening for my daughter picking up Russian phrases listening to us speak Russian. She has the funniest accent – for some reason, most of Russian-speaking kids who grew up in America have a very strong accent in Russian. I guess there are some sounds in Russian that are really hard to get right (the same is true for English, by the way!)

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An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Does Smarty also speak German with an American accent? Glad you got some time with your parents - and I hope New York was fabulous, if only for a day.

JL said...

Your mother looks so happy and healthy!

K used to speak with an English accent on all her languages. But with practice, her accent is gone now.

Ticia said...

I know my attempts at speaking Spanish ended with a horrible accent.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I find that my kids play differently in different places, too. That is interesting that Smarty has such a strong accent in Russian! I wonder if it is tied to being such an early reader - seeing words written rather than hearing and remembering them. My little nephew whose dad is Russian and lives in China speaks English with a soft Russian accent.