Saturday, June 6, 2015

Highlights of the Week

This was a “can’t wait until vacation starts” week – the school ends on Thursday next week, and we all can’t wait. Smarty has a slight cold, so she was more tired than usual and spent a lot of time reading. We also had a big fight on Wednesday when she didn’t like her lack of luck in Yatzee game and walked away in the middle of the game. We certainly still have to work a lot on her “sore loser” attitude. It’s a little strange, because her expectation to win most of the time just started to raise its ugly head recently – we didn’t use to have problems with that. Any advice on how to battle it will be appreciated!


Smarty had some group science projects in school this week and it was interesting to hear her take on them. She does not enjoy working in a randomly assigned group of kids, and I cannot say I blame her. I think good group projects require either enough time for kids to be able to organize themselves or enough supervision from a teacher or an adult volunteer. According to Smarty, most of the project time was spent arguing about who is doing what and then dealing with the kids whose whole purpose appeared to be to disrupt the group. Still, I think that working in groups is a good experience for her, because this is, after all, what most of us do at work. Besides, on Friday the teacher had several students picking their science mates, and Smarty was delighted to be picked promptly by her new best friend. She was in class with this boy all year, and suddenly they clicked in the last couple of weeks of a school year. Perhaps we can get them together during summer for play dates.
It was also the last Accelerated Reader assembly. Accelerated Reader is a rewards based reading program that Smarty’s school district uses in language arts. Students have an opportunity to pass computer quizzes on the books they read and earn points. There are 8 levels over a school year with rewards for each level. Smarty (and 4 other students) managed to get to the top level by the end of the year and received a gift certificate for Barnes & Noble. Technically, she could have gotten on that level earlier, but she didn’t bother to take tests until she decided that she does want that certificate after all.

After School

I was picking up Smarty relatively early from her after school program this week, but we didn’t get to do much together, because I still had calls and emails after bringing her home. At least we accomplished things on our weekly “must do” list – went to the library and played tennis a couple of times. Smarty is also on a tear reorganizing her room – she wants to have a reading nook in her closet Smile

What My Child Is Reading

Are You Normal
This section contains Amazon affiliate links, for full disclosure click here. Smarty loves quizzes, and she was delighted to check out Are Your Normal? from the library. In almost every chapter, she found herself in the middle of “weirdometer” scale. She also read a variety of other books, but that’s the only one that she really talked to me about. We also chose our next book for our Mother-Daughter book club – A Recipe for Adventure: Naples by Giada di Laurentiis.

Best Memory of the Week

Last week I wrote how badly Smarty wanted to be in a talent show. Over the weekend she got an inspiration to write her own song. She has been practicing all week, and I am looking forward to her performing her song in front of an entire school next Monday.

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Ticia said...

My daughter is constantly organizing talent shows, it's kind of tiring.

We have the want to win problem with Princess, she doesn't want to play unless she can win, which is why our family plays a lot of cooperative games.