Saturday, June 27, 2015

Highlights of the Week

Smarty loved her first week in Camp Galileo. The program was good, and one of her best friends was on the same team. Even extremely hot temperatures (and no water play in camp due to drought limitations) did not damper her enthusiasm. On Thursday, we went to the orthodontist to install her palate expander. Of course, she is sore (and lisping badly), but she is in good spirits overall, and we are hoping that soreness will go away over the weekend.

Summer Learning and Fun

It was too hot for tennis this week, but we cooled down at our community pool. Smarty was practicing her dives (umm… let’s call this one a belly flop!). At home we discussed molecular attraction and watched some interesting Ted Education videos on various topics, but we also made sure that Smarty has an hour or two of unstructured time every day. As usual, she chooses to spend her “free time” either reading or playing computer games.

Places We Are Going

Last weekend, some of Smarty’s school friends and their parents were camping at the site not far from us, and we drove over to hang out with them for the afternoon. Smarty enjoyed seeing her friends even though the kids had a bit of a hard time deciding on what they want to play. I observed many times that Smarty is a 1:1 person and not a group person – she takes this trait from me and my husband both. I plan to write a separate post about it next week.

What My Child Is Reading

Reading Upside Down
This section contains Amazon affiliate links, for full disclosure click hereI often find Smarty reading in the funniest poses. I worry sometimes what that will do to her posture and eyesight, but I recall my own power struggles with my Mom (remember, Mom?) on this subject, and I decided that I will not battle this battle. Instead we had the battle this week about what comics are allowed to her. We have several nearly complete comic collections at home  that my husband bought long before Smarty was born. She was reading through them like a wildfire, but lately we were worried of too many wisecracks coming from her and set some limits. She is allowed to Baby Blues, Sherman Lagoon, Foxtrot, and Calvin and Hobbesmostly, because she had already read through many of them before we decided that perhaps some of the content is not really age appropriate. She is not allowed to read Zits and Dilbert, Zits because of the way family dynamics is portrayed for teenage years, and Dilbert, because I don’t want Smarty to believe that this is really how office life looks like (even though often it is!). Smarty was upset about Dilbert, because she already read all the other series several times over. In addition, Smarty found a new series in the library that she enjoys – Melonhead by Kate Kelly.

Favorite Memory of the Week

Me: You are SO dirty! How did you get so dirty?
Smarty: Mama, what do you expect? It’s summer, and it’s a summer camp. I am not exactly clean even on my best days in school.

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