Saturday, June 20, 2015

Highlights of the Week

Summer vacation is here! We kicked it off with a weekend Mommy &  Me camp. Smarty is enjoying an opportunity to sleep in, but she is still adjusting to a different rhythm of the day. This week, I had a higher workload, so she stayed in her all day summer camp longer than she usually does in her after school program. This means that she spent all her available time at home reading – this is her way to decompress and relax. She also had her second orthodontist appointment to take measurements for her palate expander. It’s going in next week.

A Summer Camp

Cat Girl
This week Smarty went to her afterschool YMCA facility for the first week of summer camps. She really enjoyed a trip to the water park (they go every week on Tuesdays), but she was less thrilled about the trip to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk amusement park, because she doesn’t like fast rides. The biggest problem for her with this camp is that she does not have any close friends there, and she does not make friends easily. She is eagerly looking forward to the science Camp Galileo camp next week, especially since her best friend will be there as well.

Places We Are Going

This weekend we went to Mommy &  Me camp with several Moms who have kids in Smarty’s school. I only knew several of them, but Smarty’s best friend was there, and they both enjoyed the opportunity to explore the woods around the camp on their own. They found this tree with low branches and spent hours making up songs and drumming music with sticks. They gave us performance of their “woodland choir” before we left. Smarty also enjoyed playing in the water on the beach, but the day was rather cool and overcast, so she didn’t last long there.

What My Child Is Reading

We had a bit of a fight this week when Smarty said that non-fiction is boring and she does not want to read non-fiction books. She also stated earlier this year that social studies in school is the most boring subject, because the textbooks are so dry. I find it sad, because once upon a time she couldn’t get enough of non-fiction books. Now she will only read them if they are written as a conversation or fantasy and not as a “straight facts” book. This week she enjoyed Ken Jenning’s Junior Genius Guide to Outer Space for non-fiction and also read many fiction books from the library. She especially enjoyed Space Case novel by Stuart Gibbs, even though it was in the mystery genre that she usually dislikes. Incidentally, this novel is also set in space.

Favorite Memory of the Week

Our best friend who works for Amazon told us in January about this new Amazon device called Echo. Currently it’s only available through an invitation, and it took a long time to get ours. The voice recognition is quite impressive, and we are all in love with our Alexa, especially Smarty. She constantly asks Alexa to play certain songs, tell jokes, or provide facts. One day she asked me, When I am bored, can Alexa suggest a random activity to do from some sort of the list? Then she will be just like another Mom!

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For once 2 out of my recent posts made the list Smile

Your Turn

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Ticia said...

It's not uncommon for kids her age to suddenly declare non-fiction to be boring, it's a stage, just keep showing her good non-fiction and she'll enjoy it again.
Sadly, history as taught in most schools is boring, so I don't blame her too much.