Friday, June 5, 2015

Are you enjoying the first days of summer. Summer always means more time outside and spending time in water or with water. So I joined with several other kid bloggers to share water activities for different ages with you. Since my 8 year old daughter loves science, I decided to pick water experiments that can still be amusing for younger kids but can also be used to expand scientific understanding in older kids.
10 Science Experiments with Water

1. Explore Water Pressure

There is also a fun extension for this experiment from Learn, Play, Imagine that will allow you to join and separate streams of water coming from several holes of the water bottle.
Water Science for Kids - Air Pressure

2. Where Is My Water?

This activity from JDaniel’s Mom looks a lot like a popular Where Is My Water app transported to the backyard!
How does water flow?

3. Sink or FLoat for Older Kids

Sink or float is even more fun when kids get to compare objects similar in volume, for example, different kinds of fruits or vegetables and then attempt to explain why certain things float and others sink. I love this experiment from KC Edventures – it’s a great way to introduce density to kids.
Why certain fruits float and others sink?

4. Ocean Zones

Speaking of density, this is a great take on a density column experiment from I Can Teach My Child – visualizing ocean zones.
Ocean Zones in a Jar

5. Predict Volume of Melting Ice

Teach your kids to think scientifically and formulate hypothesis – we did it on Planet Smarty Pants to predict the volume of water formed by melting ice. This experiment “should” have also shown conservation of matter, but we were tripped somewhat by condensation effect.
Volume and Weight Experiment

6. Engineering with Ice

I loved this engineering activity from Almost Unschoolers where her children built a roman arch out of ice cubes.
Ice Cube Roman Arch

7. Storm in a Tea Cup

This is definitely on my “must try” list! Simulate an underwater volcano explosion or a storm brewing. This activity from Energy Art Looks like a lot of fun!
Storm in a Tea Cup

8. Walking Water

I’ve seen this classic experiment multiple times, but Coffee Cups and Crayons has the best pictures Smile Amaze your kids with “walking water” and then ask them to explain why this is happening.

9. What Is Hydrology?

Mommy Crusader brilliantly introduced this science discipline to her children by making them create lakes and rivers in the sand.

10. Science of Clean Water

How do we clean water to make it drinkable? We explored this question by making our own water filter and testing different types of filter materials.

Your Turn

Amazing Experiments with Water
What is on your summer bucket list?

More Summer Science Experiments?

Check out my Summer Science for Kids Pinterest board.

Check Out Other Ideas for Water Fun

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Nicola Simpson said...

Such a fun list of ideas! We'll be trying some of them out during our summer break. Only 3 more weeks to go now!

shelah moss said...

So many awesome ways to explore water. I can't pick just one favorite, there are quite a few that I want to try.

Danielle Buckley said...

So many great science experiments to try out this summer! We've had a few on our to-do list for a while. :)

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

These are great! We need to use our matching balance to try your melting ice experiment.

Ticia said...

That underwater volcano is really cool.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Thanks for including us in your list! I'm with Ticia - that volcano is really cool, but then so our the other experiments. I can't wait for a chance to get going with summer exploration!!! Now, if I can just keep the kids out of my way while I play :)