Saturday, May 9, 2015

Highlights of the Week

Gardening It was a very “normal” week in our house. We finally got to planting herbs and tomatoes and, hopefully, our rare May rain will help them grow. Smarty was happy not to have homework this week – it does not take her more than 15 minutes to complete it, but “no homework” still was a treat for her. We enjoyed seeing our friends for a barbecue last Sunday, and I am really appreciating somewhat lighter workload at work and ability to work 3 times a week from home. We’ll see how long this will last :)


Student of the weekIt was a busy week in school with the second week of state testing. It went smoother than last week, but still we are all happy to get it over with. Smarty was a “Student of the Week” this week – she was recognized for lifeskill of curiosity. It’s definitely appropriate, since she absorbs new information like a little sponge and always wants more. And, finally, it was a teacher appreciation week, and daughter spent some time making gifts and cards for her favorite teachers.

After School

Crazy StrawSince I am on a mission to get back under 125 lbs, I try to get out and play tennis with Smarty as often as I can fit it into our joint schedules. It’s great to see her improving even though she is somewhat upset that she cannot beat me… yet. She also had her last GATE program this year where the kids made two different type of kites. Unfortunately, it rained on GATE day, so Smarty can’t wait to be able to test her kites this weekend.

What My Child Is Reading

This section contains Amazon affiliate links, for full disclosure click here. Smarty always finds time for reading. In school she is reading through The Series of Unfortunate Events. At home, she finished 39 Clues series (10 books in about 5 days) and started on the second set Cahills vs. Vespers, plus she read several Warriors books. In addition, we read together a pretty fascinating non-fiction book The Story of Salt.

Favorite Memory of the Week

Teacher-Appreciation-Card I love this acrostic poem that Smarty wrote for teacher appreciation week. I am hoping that she will continue to enjoy school next year and will have another outstanding teacher.

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Your Turn

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maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Smarty's acrostic poem is great!

Ticia said...

I missed the C the first time I read it, and was wondering what could be spelled SHOO_

That is a great poem.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Smarty's enthusiasm for learning is inspiring!