Sunday, May 3, 2015

Do you have Star Wars fans and Lego fans in the house? Challenge them to create Star Wars alien landscapes with their favorite Lego models.
Creat Star Wars Landscapes with things in your pantry

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Will My Daughter Ever Like Star Wars?

My 8 year old is unusual – she does not like movies. We had “no TV under 3” policy at home, and she didn’t grow up with TV in the background. When we attempted to introduce Disney movies to her at around 4, she found them very intense, and it’s almost impossible to convince her to watch a fiction movie. This is funny, because she loves fantasy books and has no problems with intense scenes in the books. Anyway, no amount of convincing made her want to watch Star Wars even though she is quite familiar with the story line – obviously, kids are talking about movies with each other in school. I am hoping that she will discover Star Wars just as we discovered them – as a young teenager, and then she will fall in love with them (of course, I am referring only to the original trilogy here :))

Playing with Lego Star Wars Sets

Since our daughter is not into Star Wars, she doesn’t have her own Star War sets, but my husband and I exchanged Lego Star War presents before. He got Luke’s Landspeeder from the first movie, and I have a small X-Wing Fighter. I thought that it would be fun to build some Star War landscapes for our landspeeder to celebrate Star Wars Force Day of May 4th.

Magic Milk Star War Landscape

Set up for Star Wars Magic Milk Landscape

Setting up this landscape is very simple – all you need is milk, food coloring, and dishwasher detergent. Drop some food coloring into milk, dip a q-tip into dishwasher detergent and start creating your landscape.
Magic Milk Star Wars Landscape

Soda and Vinegar Star Wars Landscape

This time we put vinegar into small pill bottles and added food coloring to it. Then we used a medicine dropper to create fizzy craters in soda landscape.

Your Turn

What landscape would you build? I have ideas for a few more, perhaps for the next year!
STEM activity for kids - Star Wars Landscapes

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Ticia said...

Those are fun landscapes I wonder what my kids would come up with...

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

My kids will love this!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Maybe you should try giving her the Star Wars novels. I like the magic milk landscape. We've frozen Han Solo Lego men in ice before - that's always a big hit :)

Gude @HodgePodgeCraft said...

How fun! These really look like alien landscapes!

Ashley said...

Simple experiments make awesome Star Wars landscapes! Featured you on Mom's Library this week!