Saturday, April 4, 2015

Highlights of the Week

  • I was sick for the most part of this week with breakthrough chicken pox, but the rest of the family didn’t get it.
  • I am feeling much better now, and the fever is gone, so our spring vacation next week is still on!
  • My husband went on 2 day business trip while I was still sick, but Smarty was ultra responsible during these days, and we survived it.
  • We celebrated Passover on Friday with a delicious lamb goulash - specialty of my husband.


The last week before the spring break was fun. The kids had a special Junior Achievement Day where they learned about banking, taxes, and city planning. They also had a special practice for a concert where they will show off everything they learned in music this year. Technically, they were learning to play recorders this year, but Smarty had no interest in it. She likes choir and singing a lot better than trying to master a musical instrument. In addition, Smarty’s class practiced for California Smart Balance Assessment (i.e. dreaded yearly testing). It’s the first year when California students will be using this new computer-based testing system, so everyone is apprehensive. Smarty, however, considers testing fun – hopefully she will keep this attitude for many years to come.

After School

Air-powered Car Smarty had another GATE class this week where they built these air-powered cars. This free GATE program from our Children Discovery Museum is truly the best perk of being identified as gifted so far. Also, at home she keeps playing Prodigy, and her math made another substantial jump as the math challenges in the game are getting progressively more difficult. Since she wants to keep playing and winning her battles, she didn’t resist me teaching her multiplication and division of decimal numbers, operations with negative numbers, division and multiplication of fractions – all in 5 minute chunks of time.

What My Child Is Reading

Reading-Apr1It always surprises me to see how many books Smarty can read in one week. She got several Amelia Notebook books by Marissa Moss and swallowed them up. She is waiting for the next book in Warriors series to be available from the library Kindle hold, but in the meantime we convinced her to read the first Redwall by Brian Jacques (Amazon affiliate link) that we had in our home library. As we expected, she loved it, so now we have yet another series to chase down in our library system.

Favorite Memory of the Week

When I found myself humming on Thursday and looking forward to our trip next week – that’s when I knew I am over my being sick!

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Your Turn

How was your week?


Phyllis said...

I am sorry to hear that you were feeling ill again
You just can't catch a break. Smarty's week sounded great, however. She is quite amazing.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I am so glad to hear that you will be able to go on your trip! Enjoy Hawaii!

Ticia said...

Yeah for not being sick anymore!

Enjoy your trip.

sunflowerous said...

Sorry to hear you were sick! And chickenpox too.
Redwall has been on our list for so long, we might finally give it a try :)