Saturday, April 18, 2015

Highlights of the Week

Ocean-MauiOn Monday night we came back from our spring vacation in Maui. Smarty and I loved pretty much everything about the trip, except the prices in the restaurants and the fact that our car was broken into. My husband was less thrilled, since he cut his foot on the first trip to the beach and was nursing it back to health for most of the week. At least Smarty and I got to enjoy warm and clear waters of West Maui with its underwater coral reef wonders. I am hoping to convince my husband to give Maui another chance in a couple of years. You can read more about us exploring Maui habitats in Hands-On Geography: Hawaii.


Recorder We are now officially in the last quarter of the year, and that means that testing time is upon us. Smarty is not stressed about testing, but all the teachers clearly are, because these first two weeks of the quarter are dedicated to reviews and practice tests. However, there was still time for rehearsals and an annual music concert where kids showed off what they learned in their music class. The concert for 2nd and 3rd graders was a lot of fun. Supposedly, Smarty can read notes now and even play a simple melody on the recorder.

After School

ParkWe jumped directly back into busyness of our weeks. On Tuesday Smarty worked hard on a beautiful birthday card for her best friend – Smarty missed her birthday party while she was in Hawaii, but she still picked a present for A. A was taking care of our fish Shimmer while we were away, and now she is asking her parents for a fish :) On Wednesday Smarty had her regular Y after school program where they made solar ovens and tried to make s’mores (it was not hot enough), on Thursday she had another GATE class where they investigated how mass affects performance of Hot Wheels cars on a race track, and on Friday she had a tennis lesson. It seems like a lot, but Smarty was quite happy this week to go back to her friends and to her activities. She is also eagerly looking forward to our first camping trip of the year this weekend.

What My Child Is ReadingHawaii-Reading

This section contains Amazon affiliate links, for full disclosure click here. Smarty spent a lot of time during our vacation reading. She read through Mossflower, the second book in Redwall series, and through another book in The Power of Three series by Erin Hunt, then returned to her most favorite series – Percy Jackson books by Rick Riordan. This is the beauty of having her personal Kindle – a lot of her favorite books can go with her wherever she goes. This Kindle served us well – it used to be mine, and now Smarty managed to use it for 2 years without damaging or losing it. It’s a big feat for a child and for an electronic device :)

Favorite Memory of the Week

Playing-Sand Favorite memory is certainly from our vacation, watching Smarty playing in the water and sand, enjoying sun and wind, and listening to her retelling the stories of our vacation to everyone who is willing to listen.

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Phyllis said...

Wow, look at that water! Must have been an amazing trip. It is a good thing that she is not nervous about the testing.

Ticia said...

Ouch, nursing a cut on your foot is always painful because you always hurt it when you walk.

I'm glad the rest of the trip was good (well except for the break-in).

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Solar ovens should work for s'mores despite the outside temperature as long as there is sun. What happened? Might be one you need to follow up on :)