Saturday, March 7, 2015

Highlights of the Week

RosesWe are all back together. Smarty had enjoyed her trip to Germany a lot, but now has a bit of trouble readjusting back to the routine. She is cranky and prone to arguing about everything. Of course, it’s also related to the timezone change – she wakes up earlier than usual and dead tired after school. But at least everyone is healthy and, hopefully, the next week will flow easier for all of us.


Dr Seuss Smarty was not thrilled with the routine of school after three weeks of freedom, but she seemed better by the end of the week. Her class is working on a class science project for the science fair that is happening next week. It’s a “soda and vinegar” project, but with a twist of trying to add different materials to soda and vinegar mix and seeing how it affects the amount of bubbles. They also celebrated Dr Seuss Day and had a visit from Native American dancers introducing Native American dancers and songs.

After School

Lego-Chain-Reactions We skipped all regular after school activities, except GATE class this week to give Smarty a chance to recover from her trip. She spent most of her free time reading, but eventually she recovered enough to open her Lego Chain Reactions kit (an affiliate link) – she built several small projects with it already.

What My Child Is Reading

Geography We finally made it to the library this week, and Smarty filled up on several books by Erin Hunter from endless Warriors series and on her favorite magazines (a Canadian magazine Owl). I also saw an interesting book on the shelf: Junior Genius’ Guide to Maps and Geography written by Jeopardy champ Ken Jennings. I am reading it in the evenings to Smarty while she plays with her kendama.  I don’t know about Smarty, but I am learning a lot of fascinating facts about geography that I didn’t know before or have completely forgotten.

Favorite Memory of the Week

Together Agai Me: The cuddle is over, it’s time to go to bed
Smarty (reaching out her arms): But, Mama, see, I have a temptation trap!
Me: But I have a willpower to stand against temptation.
Smarty: Oh, you can have your willpower. Just don’t use it with me!

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Your Turn

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min said...

That is the sweetest comment!

Ticia said...

My kiddos try to pull that temptation trick on me too.

I ordered the Lego chain reaction book for my boys for their birthday, we'll see if it's as popular as the Simple Machine book we got a while ago.