Saturday, March 21, 2015

Highlights of the Week

  • Spring has officially started! It’s rather warm here. We are trying to spend some time outside before it gets too hot.
  • I was fighting a nasty laryngitis this week. Later it turned into a head cold, so I am dragging and behind on many projects.
  • My husband surprised me with a beautiful bunch of yellow tulips to cheer me up and celebrate spring.


We have received Smarty’s second report card this week. For the first time in four years, we felt that her report time reflects actual state of Smarty’s knowledge and progress. She had “above grade level” in most categories and her teacher was very complimentary in her write up about Smarty’s self-discipline, ability to take things to the next level, and increased patience. My husband joked that she must have had some other child in mind, but I volunteer in school once a week and can see first hand that Smarty stays on task in independent work significantly better than almost anyone else in her class. She is quite able to stay on task at home too… as long as that task is reading :)

After School

Math_Kangaroo Late last year Smarty told me that she would really love to participate in a math contest. She even put “win a math contest” as one of her yearly goals. Our school doesn’t hold any math competitions, so I did an online research and signed her up to participate in Math Kangaroo (a separate post on it is coming up soon). The competition was this week, and our test location (about the only location in the area that was open to “students from the street”) was on campus of computer chip maker AMD. It was pretty neat, because Chief Technology Officer of AMD talked to the kids about math and how it is used in everyday life. Smarty was super nervous before the test started but emerged grinning 30 minutes early (the test was 75 min long) and told me that she enjoyed it and she “did her best”. She also said that she really loved being in competition and that she wants to do it again.

Places We Are Going

St Patrick day Our neighbors had a really elaborate St. Patrick’s Day party last weekend with a lot of activities for kids. It was the first time when Smarty could do what she pleased the whole evening without any supervision on our part, and we all enjoyed it. We also celebrated St. Patrick’s Day at home with slow cooker corned beef. Our friend, who visited Ireland last summer, shared some interesting pictures from the trip and told us stories about the famous landmarks he visited. On Friday, Smarty’s school had a teacher-in-service day, and Smarty’s Papa took her to the Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco. Sadly, I couldn’t take a day off, because I was already behind in what I needed to do this week for work.

What My Child Is Reading

What My Child Is Reading As usual, Smarty spent her reading time in fantasy land devouring more books from Erin Hunter Warriors universe. She just loves these books about warrior cats!

Favorite Memory of the Week

Selfie This is a picture that we took while waiting for Math Kangaroo to start. Smarty wanted to sit on my lap to calm down. I love that she is still so cuddly and enjoys “public displays of affection” without regard of what her friends or anyone else might think.

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How was your week?


Phyllis said...

We had snow on the first day of spring. I am sorry to hear that you have been sick. I know how lousy it feels to be sick and behind on things. I am glad that Smarty is doing so well.

Ticia said...

My boys are still cuddly too, and it always makes me smile.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I love that my kids are still cuddly, too, with the sometimes exception of Johnny who I think feels a lot of social pressure not to be. He does hold my hand all the way home from school though :)

I hope you are feeling better! That is neat that Smarty enjoyed the math competition and wants to do it again next year!