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In our house, we have a tradition of setting up an Easter Egg Tree for Easter. We decorate it with hand blown eggs. In this post I will share some good tricks on how to blow eggs and how to help even young kids have fun in decorating blown Easter eggs.
The best tricks for blowing eggs and decorating them for Easter

The Easiest Way to Blow an Egg:

  1. Prepare your supplies – a safety pin, a bamboo skewer, and a turkey baster.
  2. Make small holes on both ends of an egg with a safety pin and carefully put a bamboo skewer into one of the holes.
  3. Gently jigger a bamboo skewer to “scramble” an inside of an egg. Take a skewer out.
  4. Put the turkey baster over the top of one hole and squeeze over an empty glass or bowl. The contents of an egg will flow out of the opposite hole. Repeat until nothing is coming out.
  5. Submerge your blown eggs in water to clean the inside and squeeze the water out with a turkey baster Let dry.

Hanging Up Blown Eggs

Hanging Eggs
  1. Prepare your supplies – toothpicks and thin thread
  2. Cut toothpicks into pieces about 5mm (1/8 inch) long and make a knot with a thread around the toothpick piece.
  3. Insert a toothpick into an egg vertically and then let it turn so it blocks the entrance into the hole.
  4. Tie up loose ends – your egg can now be hanged as a decoration.

How to Keep Kids From Breaking Eggs?

Blown eggs are obviously more fragile than cooked eggs, so you have to encourage little ones to be careful with them. We found that putting eggs into a simple “holder” made from a strip of photo paper keeps them in place and “cushions” them when you design your masterpiece. When Smarty was young, we stuck with “process art” and painted our eggs with watercolors. Now, when she is older, she adds her designs to them.

Egg Holders Do Blown Eggs Keep Over Time?

Yes! We just pack the best eggs into an egg container and put them away with our other seasonal decorations. It’s fun to see new eggs added to our Easter tree every year.

Easter Tree Your Turn

The best tricks for blowing eggs and decorating them for Easter
Do you decorate an Easter Tree?

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