Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Do you know that March 14 is a Pi Day? This Pi Day is extra special, because only this year in 21st century, we will have more of Pi digits aligned on the digital clock: 3/14/15 9:26:53. In honor of Pi Day and for all math geeks out there who find pleasure in this kind of facts, I share 20 brilliant hands-on geometry ideas for kids – 10 geometry ideas for students in preK, K, and first grade, and 10 more geometry ideas for students in grades 2 and up.

Hands-On Geometry Ideas for Pre-K, K, and First Grade

Hands On Geometry Ideas for Students Age 4-7, preK, K, and first grade
  1. Exploring Pattern Blocks from Picklebums
  2. Learning about open and closed polygon shapes with Lego from JDaniel’s Mom
  3. Geometry riddles with Lego from JDaniel’s Mom
  4. Learning geometry vocabulary with a fun alien craft from JDaniel’s Mom
  5. Building polygons from Lemon Lime Adventures
  6. Exploring shapes in preK from Little Bins for Little Hands
  7. Decomposing shapes with pattern blocks from Gift of Curiosity
  8. Exploring triangles with pattern blocks from Kids Activities Blog
  9. Building symmetrical shapes from Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road
  10. 3D shapes with toothpicks and marshmallows from Arvin Gupta Toys

Hands-On Geometry Ideas for Grades 2 and Up

Hands On Geometry Ideas - Grades 2 and
  1. Best geometry apps for kids of different ages from Imagination Soup.
  2. Heart tangram and calculating area from Almost Unschoolers
  3. Math art with parabolic curves from What Do We Do All Day
  4. Angles Art from In the Playroom
  5. Pythagorean Theorem from Empowering Parents to Teach
  6. Estimating circumference from Gift of Curiosity
  7. Circle Art from Mess for Less
  8. Paper polynedron from Deceptively Educational
  9. Hands-On math tools – tangrams from Planet Smarty Pants
  10. 3D shapes and bubbles from Babble Dabble Do

Your Turn

Were you good at geometry at school? I was except in 3D geometry.

More Math for Kids

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Ticia said...

Sweet, I'll have to check some of these out. I hadn't realized this Pi Day was so special this year, that is rather cool.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Pi day is pretty awesome this year. It's also my sister's 40th birthday!

Anonymous said...

Awesome list!
I sucked in geometry, and in math in general. Or was it the way I was taught? Anyway, I am re-discovering math now, as an adult.

Heather McCully said...

This is a great list that I'm going to dig into deeper. Both of my girls struggle with visualizing math concepts. BTW...I'm visiting from the TGIF Link-Up