Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

I am wishing all my readers a lovely Valentine's Day!

Highlights of the Week

  • My family arrived to Germany without any problems
  • Smarty is enjoying Bremen (birthplace of my husband) and German food
  • Both my husband and my daughter were nursing colds when they left, but nobody is really sick.


I speak to Smarty and her Papa every day on Skype. The first couple of days were tough because of rain, jet lag and “nothing to do”, but now they are out and about, meeting family members and my husband’s friends and enjoying Bremen. Smarty was pleased to tell me that she ate my favorite local dish called Braun Kohl and Schinken – even though she didn’t particularly care for it. Her favorite part so far was a playground with a zipline – they make trips there every day.

What My Child Is Reading

Kindle is the best thing that happened to road warriors :) We loaded a few new books on Smarty’s Kindle – she chose to use her Amazon gift card from grandparents to get Spirit Animals book #5 (Amazon affiliate link) and Spirit Animals Book #6 even though we tried to talk her out of it, since usually we don’t buy books that cost over $5 on Kindle. Alas, they only took her a few hours each – she reads very quickly when she likes the book. On the positive side, she has them and a few dozen other Kindle titles including entire Rick Riordan and J.K. Rowling series that she can reread when there is “nothing to do”.

Favorite Memory of the Week

I went to my usual volunteering session to Smarty’s classroom this week – I really missed doing it in January, because various work-related events didn’t leave time for volunteering. It was interesting to see writing work samples from different students. One phrase in Smarty’s narrative cracked me up. She wrote, What is most important to me? My family, consisting of Mama and Papa, who are my parents, my pet Shimmer, my kitty and blankie, who are my stuffies, are awarded this title. Evidently, our daughter is a lawyer in training, since she loves long, involved sentences nowadays :)

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Your Turn

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maryanne @ mama smiles said...

That rainbow is stunning! Germany has incredible playgrounds.

sunflowerous said...

Lovely rainbow! Glad Smarty and her Papa have fun in Germany.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Glad to read their trip is going well. What a fantastic experience for Smarty.

Ticia said...

I have similar problems with books on the Nook. I'm very annoyed I bought a book for Superman on the Nook that was a self-published Minecraft book and it was 4 PAGES LONG. A complete and total rip off.