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This month’s topic of Poppins Book Nook is Poetry. My daughter is 8 year old, and she is now learning to write her own poems. In this post I am going to share books and free printables for 6 poetry types every child should master.
Poetry for Kids - Different forms of poems with free graphic organizers

Poetry on Planet Smarty Pants

From early on I made a point to read poetry to Smarty. We have a sizeable collection of poetry books, but for a while she was considering poetry boring. I wrote a post about fighting this trend – Is Poetry Boring? In that post I had mentioned that one of the reasons that my then second grader thought that poetry was boring was because they didn’t read it in school. This certainly changed this year in the third grade – children not only read plenty of poetry books, they also formally studied several poetry forms and wrote their own poems. What kind of poetry forms did they study?
Poetry forms for kids with free printables and examples

How to Write Sensory Poems


The year started with the study of sensory poems. Third graders wrote their sensory poems about fall. They prepared for it using the graphic organizer similar to this free sensory poem graphic organizer from 3rd Grade’s a Hoot.

How to Write Free Verse Poems

In December, third graders talked about free verse poems using the well known poem by E. E. Cummings Litte Tree as an example. I don’t recall that poem making it back from school, but here is a free graphic organizer from Austin School District with good examples of free verse poems.
Little Tree - Free Verse

How to Write Haiku Poems

In January, children were learning about haiku and writing winter haiku poems. Haiku poem style is very popular, and there are many good books for kids with haiku poems. I noticed If Not for the Cat by one of our favorite poets Jack Prelutsky in Smarty’s classroom and thought that we should check it out. Here is a free graphic organizer for writing haiku poems and Smarty's winter haiku:
Winter Haiku - Third Grade

How to Write Cinquain Poems

So I admit I didn’t even know what that was until Smarty told me in February that they are learning about them in school and explained them to me. I hope I will get her poem back from school after Presidents’ Week break is over. The Educators’ Spin On It has a great example of cinquain poem dictated by a 4 year old (hey, you are never too young to start :))! Check out this free cinquain poem graphic organizer to write your own cinquain poems.

How to Write Limerick Poems

Limericks are such a staple for St Patrick’s Day that I fully expect third graders to study them next. Unfortunately, they are famous for being “naughty”, but there are plenty of “clean” limericks for kids including this fun take on the world history. Check out the lesson on how to write a limerick and try your own.
There was an old geezer called caesar

How to Write Acrostic Poems

I am not sure if third graders will be revisiting acrostic poems this year. I believe they were studied in the first grade, but even before that I explained them to Smarty, and, when she was in kindergarten, she wrote that lovely Valentine’s Day acrostic for her Papa that you can see in the beginning of this post. I recommend a seasonal series of Steven Schnur to get some taste for acrostic poems and then you can write your own using an acrostic poem graphic organizer.
Spring - acrostic

Your Turn

Have your kids written their own poetry yet?

More Writing Ideas for Kids

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maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Emma writes a lot of poetry! She must have inherited the poet gene from my dad that somehow skipped me (but some of my siblings do have).

Anonymous said...

Excellent post, thank you, reminds me to do some formal poetry study in our home classroom. We went through Knock at a Star book last year and it has all the major forms of poetry with examples in it.
My 4th grader D. is a poet. Poetry is his favorite assignment. When he writes, he tries to make things rhyme 99 times out of 100. It's fun to see him pick words to make his poems prettier.

Ticia said...

Princess writes poetry all the time. My boys are like me and largely ignore it. I really should work on showing them more poetry.

Lauren Moore said...

I did an English degree and I have never heard of a cinquain poem! Off to check that one out now. My five year old is starting to make up rhymes and loves funny limericks.

Theresa A said...

My favorite from childhood is Shel Silverstein. I still have some of those memorized from childhood!

lindseyk said...

My little girl loves poetry and has had a go at some herself at school. We should do more though! Thanks for linking #weloveweekends

Anonymous said...

We are developing quite a taste for poetry, despite a little resistance from the kids at first!
The poem Smarty wrote is soo sweet!

Thank you for helping to bring a spoonful of reading fun to the Poppins Book Nook this month!