Saturday, January 24, 2015

Highlights of the Week

  • We enjoyed our long weekend when we had time for a leisurely winter hike.
  • I had an extremely busy week at work with three days of full day meetings. More are coming next week.
  • My husband finally got a 3D printer that he wanted for a long time. Unfortunately, a major component arrived non-functional, so there is more wait before we see our first 3D objects printed.
  • Smarty had a dentist appointment that she was eagerly looking forward to. For some strange reason, she enjoys going to the dentist. No cavities, but her dentist advised us to see an orthodontist, because some of her baby teeth didn’t fall out and other teeth are growing in front or behind them.


This was a short week for Smarty, since Monday was Martin Luther King Day, and Tuesday was a Teacher-In-Service day. The rest of the week her school had The Author’s Week when every day the kids had assemblies with published authors and illustrators talked to them about making books. Unfortunately, Smarty couldn’t remember the names of authors, but she surely enjoyed their stories and illustrator’s demonstration of her work.

After School

bubbles Since I was working late, all after school time belonged to Papa who usually just leaves Smarty to do what she wants to do. Judging from the state of her room, there was a lot of playing going on! On weekend she made some progress on her science fair idea. Let’s just say that it has something to do with bubbles :)

What My Child Is Reading

It was another week when we didn’t make it to the library, which prompted Smarty to return to her Kindle and try some new books we bought for her over the last year and that she has been avoiding so far. She is now reading Tales of the Frog Princess books by E. Baker (affiliate link). In school they are on non-fiction language arts unit with an emphasis on biographies, but at home she is entirely in the fantasy land :)

Places We Are Going

3D-Pen-Sculpture Smarty went to her best friend’s birthday party last weekend and got a chance to play with a 3D pen. Every kid made a 3D sculpture, and now Smarty really wants a 3D pen too :) In addition, we went hiking on a new trail last weekend, had her tennis and choir lessons, and Papa treated her to dinner in a Japanese restaurant while I went out with my coworkers.

Favorite Memory of the Week

Two-cats I always enjoy watching Smarty interact with animals. She is very soft and gentle with them, but also a little bossy. This is exactly the same attitude that she shows towards babies and toddlers. I think she is learning from the pros – that is, from me and my husband :)

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Your Turn

How was your week?


An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Bubbles, huh? Can't wait to see what she comes up with :)

Ticia said...

We listened to the audio books of the Frog Princess on a recent trip and the kids thought them quite funny.

Jeff has been eyeing a 3D printer for a while, but he's not super crafty and is more intrigued with it for the engineering feat it is.