Saturday, January 17, 2015

Highlights of the Week

  • The weather was beautiful all week… but we really need more rains yet this year!
  • My husband booked tickets for Papa-daughter trip to Germany in February. Smarty is really excited to go for three weeks this time - she is not even sorry to miss some special events in school.
  • I had a nasty stomach bug for 2 days – all I could do was sit in the bathroom or sleep. Luckily, I recovered already and so far everybody else seems fine.


Smarty settled back with the school routine and she is enjoying their new social studies theme of national symbols and heroes. I am glad that she gets to read non-fiction in school, because she surely doesn’t favor it at home at the moment. The homework of the third grade remains minimal, and we all like it this way, because it does not stress anyone. The only thing that I do to check Smarty’s work in school is to quiz her on her spelling words. They are quite hard this year, and I am impressed with how much her spelling improved this year (when she pays attention).


Tennis Smarty continues with her three core “extracurricular” activities – gymnastics on Monday, school choir on Wednesday, and tennis on Friday. She usually whines a little while getting ready for tennis and gymnastics, but is always glowing and enjoying herself once she is actually there. Her tennis game has improved to the point when we can actually play a short game (half court) without constantly picking up the balls. In addition, this week she had another GATE program in school called Odyssey of the Mind. To be fair, their program doesn’t seem to have much to do with an official Odyssey of the Mind, but it’s somewhat similar in the concept – the students are divided into teams (randomly) and offered a task that requires cooperation and problem solving. This week they were building cantilever structures with toothpicks and clay trying to build the longest protruding part without it touching the ground.

Places We Are Going

Domino-ClubOn the weekend Smarty attended another session of a domino toppling club. This time she had a blast building her own structures. My husband has decided that it’s time for us to get our own dominoes to topple (yes, now he is interested too :)), so he ordered this set of wooden dominoes on Amazon (an affiliate link), and he and Smarty built some runs while I was lying around being sick.

What My Child Is Reading

Reading Nook Smarty has organized herself a “book nook” with our IKEA play tent where she disappears where she wants to unwind and relax. They are reading Judy Moody and the Bad Luck Charm (an affiliate link) in her language arts class. She didn’t like Judy Moody stories before, but now she warmed up to them and read several from our home library this week.

Favorite Memory of the Week

Action-Shot-Jan-2015Smarty and I were talking about her rather stormy relationship with a boy in her class who she considers her best friend. I commented that they seem to be arguing 80% of the time and doing something together 20% of the time. Smarty said, It’s OK, Mama. Remember Taming of the Shrew play? We are like two fires that calm each other.

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Learning-to-Type-for-Kids Your Turn

How was your week?


An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I impressed she's referencing Shakespeare! As a funny coincidence, if you happen to read my post today, I think it was supposed to be at an Odyssey of the Mind where Little Man Tate built the cool collapsible thing we just figured out how to build, too. I thought that was a made up event :)

Ticia said...

I love the Shakespeare reference, that is awesome.

sunflowerous said...

Love the Shakespeare reference, so awesome :)

Phyllis Bergenholtz said...

I love how she had incorporated literature into her life experience. What a rich life you have given her.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I am glad the rest of your family escaped the stomach bug! I have a bad cough that the rest of my family has thankfully escaped, but I am ready to be done with it!

We really do need more rain...