Monday, January 5, 2015

As we start the new year, I am delighted to join with other hosts of After School Link Up and bring you our top ideas from 2014 in different subjects. Our hope is that parents and caregivers will use these ideas to expand their children’s education, follow their interests, and challenge their curious minds at home or in afterschool settings. Last year I shared top writing ideas. This year my topic is History and Geography.
History and Geography Ideas from the hosts of After School Link Up

Why Spend Time on History and Geography?

Sadly, history and geography are not necessarily “important” subjects in our schools nowadays. Teachers barely have time for basic reading, writing, arithmetic instruction ensuring that the students are prepared for tests. I give credit to attempts to integrate cultural studies into language arts curriculum, but the prevalent notion seems to be that children under 10 are “too young” to really “get” history and geography. I think there is some truth in this statement if we define both of these subjects as “memorization disciplines” where students are expected to remember trivia facts. There is no better way to kill interest in most young children if we make history and geography a study of names and dates.
Both of these subjects, however, can be made alive for young children through real life experiences, books, games, art projects, and other hands-on activities. Our young explorers have insatiable curiosity about the world around us and about how we got to now (an excellent documentary series, by the way). As parents, we have a unique opportunity to teach our children about the world, about its people and its history. Today I am offering ideas from After School hosts that can help you get started in geography and history.

Top Geography Ideas from After School Hosts

Geography Ideas
  1. Battle of States Free Printable Game from Relentlessly Fun Deceptively Educational
  2. United States Bingo (Teachers Edition) from Relentlessly Fun Deceptively Educational
  3. Pegboard Practice State and Capitals from Relentlessly Fun Deceptively Educational
  4. 10 Tips for Raising Globally Aware Citizens from Mama Smiles: Joyful Parenting
  5. Encouraging Global Thinking: Kids and Maps from Mama Smiles: Joyful Parenting
  6. Weather Around the World from Mama Smiles: Joyful Parenting
  7. Teach Your Child About the World from Mama Smiles: Joyful Parenting
  8. Diverse Books for Children from The Educators’ Spin on It
  9. Staycation in 60 US Cities from The Educators’ Spin on It
  10. Around the World from The Educators’ Spin on It
  11. How to Teach Geography to Young Children from Planet Smarty Pants
  12. Elementary Study Unit on China from Planet Smarty Pants

Top History Ideas from After School Hosts

History Map
It’s a little embarrassing to admit that we all didn’t write much about history last year. Perhaps we, as after schoolers, don’t have as much time for elaborate hands on history projects as homeschoolers. I have to refer you to my homeschooling friend Ticia at Adventures in Mommydom who writes a lot about history and has several well organized history Pinterest boards. In the meantime, here are some history posts from us.
  1. Ancient Greek Temple Building Game from Relentlessly Fun Deceptively Educational
  2. Fun Books about History from The Measured Mom
  3. History Mini-Units for Busy Families from Planet Smarty Pants.

More History and Geography Ideas

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Ticia said...

Thanks for referring people over to me.

I thought you couldn't embed more than one board in a post?

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I do think they are really important! Thank you for sharing these great resources!

Ticia is a great resource for history!

Erica MomandKiddo said...

Our school does a great job of incorporating history and geography, which is not always true elsewhere. We have a map over our dining table and the kids love to look at it.

Lesley said...

Not sure what has happened but I tried to enter 2 history links about Native American Indians and neither would add to linky. Thanks for the great history links