Monday, January 26, 2015

Valentine's Day approaches, and I want to share several terrific art projects for kids all united by one theme - hearts.
Heart Art Projects for Kids

Valentine’s Day on Planet Smarty Pants

Valentine’s Day came early this year when Smarty decided to surprise us this weekend with “Parents’ Day”. She got up early on Saturday and crafted us this poster, special cards, coupons and even goodie bags. It was a lovely and unexpected surprise from our 8 year old who is usually too busy floating in her fantasy land to notice such things as Valentine’s Day without some sort of reminders. I am a little sad that we will be apart for actual V-Day this year, since she will be traveling to Germany with her father.
Parents-DayDespite Smarty’s dislike of pink colors, we are no strangers to heart crafting in this house. Here are two of my favorite projects from years past, both from Kindergarten days:
A 5 year old Smarty wrote her Papa an acrostic poem for Valentine’s Day:
Acrostic Poem on the Heart Later in the year we created this “map of your heart” collage:
Valentine Day Map of Your Heart

10 Amazing Heart Art Projects from Kid Bloggers

I will start with three projects that really caught my eye and went on my “to do” if I have time list:

Nuts and Bolts Heart Collage

I just love this upcycled nuts and bolts collage from Mosswood Connections. It will also work beautifully for Father’s Day, and it’s not pink :)


Salt Dough Tea Lights Holders

We love crafting with clay, and I know that my daughter would love making these tea light holders from The Mad House. I see it as a project for the next Father’s Day!
Salt Dough Tea Light Holders

A Heart Collage

I keep wanting to repeat our heart collage from Kindergarten (featured earlier in this post) with my now third grader. This heart collage from There’s Just One Mommy looks so beautiful!
Heart Collage Craft

More Heart Art

More Valentine Day’s Activities for Kids?

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Your Turn

Heart Art Projects for Kids

Are your kids making anything on their own (i.e. without any invitation from you or from school) for Valentine’s Day?

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maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I love your Map of Your Heart activity. I was trying to google that for today's post but couldn't remember what it was called. I see that some of the same projects caught our eye from last week's linky!

shelah moss said...

So many great activities. Thanks for featuring our Upcycled Nuts and Bolts Heart!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

That is very sweet!

Andrea Vasey said...

I especially love the nuts and bolts upcycled love heart! Thanks for linking up to this weeks #parentingpinitparty