Saturday, December 20, 2014

Highlights of the Week

The Nutcracker
  • We are all now officially on Christmas break!
  • We checked off The Nutcracker performance off the list. Smarty was super wiggly in the theater (well, for her anyway), so perhaps we will skip the next year.
  • The jury trial is over. It was a very difficult case emotionally where a mother killed her child as part of a murder-suicide attempt. While the mother was clearly mentally ill, we found her to be legally sane.


choir-PerformanceAs usual, the last week before Christmas was a “fun week” in school. The kids had a “grand finale” for their team-based math project, enjoyed a party for The Wiz cast on Tuesday and a class winter party on Thursday. The district junior choir had their first public performance of the year in a residential facility for older people, and it was quite enjoyable. It’s fun to hear Smarty sing the full songs that she learned in the choir and not just snippets of what she remembered from the radio.

After School

With The Wiz rehearsals over, Smarty had more time to read, play, and make some Christmas presents for our family. We also did a fun science project, which I will share… eventually :)

Places We Are Going

Christmas-in-the-ParkAnother of our Christmas traditions is visiting Christmas in the Park in San Jose. They have cute displays of Christmas animatronics and hundreds of Christmas trees decorated by various organizations around our area. Alas, the snow is, of course, not real :) An avenue leading to this little park in downtown San Jose is turned into a fairground for Christmas, and this year Smarty insisted on buying a ticket for one of the rides with her money. Then she was upset that the ride was not as much fun as she expected it to be. Well, this is also a good learning experience!

What My Child Is Reading

Instead of Amazon Widget (stupid Apple and its Flash limitations!), I placed Smarty’s favorite books of the week into a table. The links to the books are Amazon affiliate links, but the books are from our own library and from our community library. Together we were reading Hanukkah and Christmas books, and on her own Smarty blew through a thick Lost in Babylon in 2 afternoons. It’s hard to keep her supplied with new books considering her reading speed.
How Russian Snow Maiden Helped Santa Claus The Trees of the Dancing Goats Lost in Babylon
8 Nights of Hanukkah Nathan Blows Out the Hanukkah Candles Calvin and Hobbes

Favorite Memory of the Week

Mama-Daughter A rare picture of us together. Too bad that Smarty chose to close her eyes :)

Most Popular Post of the Week

Most traffic continues to come to 12 Amazing Engineering Projects for Kids. Second most popular is Gifts for Kids Who Have Everything.

Gifts-for-kids-who-have-everything Your Turn

How was your week?


maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I'm glad your trial is finally over. It sounds emotionally exhausting to serve on the jury for.

Smarty looks very focused during her choir concert!

Phyllis Bergenholtz said...

Merry Christmas!!

Ticia said...

What'd you think of the Seven Wonders book? I've been curious about it.