Saturday, December 13, 2014

Highlights of the Week

  • Our week started with some warm weather and then the first real storm of the past 3 years hit the Bay Area. We had a lot of rain dumped on us, rain that we sorely need!
  • Despite the rain, kids had their big performance of The Wiz.
  • Witness testimony is completed for my jury duty. There is a good chance that we will be done before Christmas!


The WizIt’s the second year when Smarty participated in her school’s musical production. This year they put on The Wiz. Sadly, this year we didn’t get a CD with lyrics like last year, so it was harder for all of us, including Smarty, to really connect to the play, especially since her role of '”Munchkin #1” was relatively minor. Still, I think it was a good experience for Smarty to go through the whole process again and to be part of a big theatrical cast. She hasn’t decided yet whether she wants to do theater again next year, because it requires such a commitment. We don’t have an opinion one way or another – we leave all extracurricular choices to her.

After School

PineconeSmarty spent most of her after school time in school either rehearsing or performing in her play, but on Sunday we decorated our outside Christmas tree, and she really wanted to make a pinecone topper for it. She developed the idea and executed the whole project entirely on her own. We still didn’t put it in, because of the rains, but hopefully the topper (and the post about it) will come up next week.

What My Child Is Reading

What My Child Is Reading Dec 13
Last week my faithful reader informed me that people with Apple devices cannot see Flash widgets of Amazon affiliates. Dang, I should have known it before! No more Amazon Widgets on my blog, but the link below is an Amazon affiliate links. Together we were reading books from our book Advent calendar, and Smarty picked two new books from the school library. One amused me, because she said she wanted to read it to understand better what I am doing as a juror. It’s called Trial by Journal and written in an interesting format combining first person account, newspaper clippings, drawings, etc. The premise is a little farfetched, since the juror in a murder trial is a sixth grader, but Smarty enjoyed the book, and I consider reading it myself once my jury trial is over.

Best Memory of the Week

Munchkin No 1 I am still hoping to get a better picture from one of volunteer Moms, but here is my little Munchkin. She loved her costume, but it was too funny when her hat fell off her head in the middle of the dance :)

The Most Popular Post of the Week

This week was good in traffic for my blog, since two of my posts (Holiday Books for 4 Year Olds and Mr Seahorse) were shared by bigger FB pages. However, 12 Amazing Engineering Projects for Kids still outperformed every other post yet again. I guess this post is doing well both in Google and Pinterest searches – yay, me :)

Your Turn

 How was your week?


An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

That was a great costume. I'm sure she'll remember those performances fondly, whether she decides to continue on in drama, or not. Here's hoping again for a speedy end to the trial!

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Smarty makes a very cute munchkin! Emma also had her school drama performance this week, but her costume was much simpler (left to parents to provide, and I didn't do anything very fancy.) She was a bee in black pants, a yellow shirt, yellow wings, and antennae.

Ticia said...

Awwww she is a cutie in her Munchkin costume.

Yeah, widgets can't be seen on Apple devices. I've solved that sometimes by doing both the widget and listing the individual books.