Saturday, November 22, 2014

Highlights of the Week

  • Smarty is enjoying her week in Florida with her Papa, aunt, and uncle.
  • I spent my free evenings going through various closets and decluttering.
  • We reached the verdict on the first phase of the trial (guilt), and now started on the second phase (sanity). There is hope that this trial will end before Christmas. In the meantime, I keep balancing my job, my blog, and my jury duty.

Places We Are Going

Busch Gardens A visit to Florida is now a yearly tradition for my husband and Smarty. They meet up with my brother-in-law near Tampa and spend a week shopping, swimming, and going to The Busch Gardens. There was no swimming this time around as Florida weather was unusually chilly, but Smarty is still enjoying her trip and all the extra attention from her German family. She also loves The Busch Gardens, especially since the park was so very empty during this visit.

Best Memory of the Week

Christmas Picture
We took pictures for our Christmas card before my husband and Smarty left and I looked through them one evening this week enjoying all outtakes and thinking how fortunate I am to have this little “accident” in my life. Looking forward to having my daughter and my husband back with me on Sunday night!

Most Popular Post of the Week

Yet again with a big gap, it was a week of 12 Engineering Projects for Kids. My second most popular post was 12 STEM Ideas for Kids Age 5+

Your Turn

How was your week?


An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Fortunate indeed - she's quite a kid :) Enjoy your quiet evenings - and good luck on a speedy end to the trial!

Ticia said...

It was a week of birthday activities, and general business. I'm looking forward to a relatively calmer Thanksgiving week.