Thursday, November 6, 2014

As Christmas season rolls in, bloggers of Kid Blogger Network teamed up to bring you reviews and recommendations of our favorite gifts for kids. I chose to review a perfect gift for future engineers.

Gift for Future Engineers - Engino Simple Machines

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Why Engino Simple Machines?

I chose to review Engino Simple Machines for this post, since this is a set we already own. We got Simple Machines when our daughter was 6 years old. This post is in no way sponsored by Engino, and all opinions are entirely my own.
We bought this Engino Simple Machines set because our daughter displayed intense curiosity about all things mechanics and wanted to be a mechanical engineer.  Engino also has individual sets dedicated to particular topic – pulleys, inclined plane, etc. This particular set combines all 8 individual sets into one and allows to build 60 working models. Economically, it makes a lot more sense to buy this one set than buying individual sets. Also, the box comes with a detailed activity book that can be used in different ways. Younger kids can build models of their choice following the instructions, as with any other set, but older kids can also read the activities book and get a deeper understanding of principles behind the simple machines. In fact, the booklet can serve as a mechanic science curriculum for kids about age 9 and above.
Building with Engino Simple MachinesMy daughter was quite excited about this set, but the activity booklet is not written for 6 year olds. In fact, it’s even a stretch for 9 year olds – I think it assumes that information in the activity booklet is read by teachers or parents and then distilled for kids. Also, some pieces require some effort when you snap them together. It’s not because of the quality issues, but simply because of the mechanics of this set. It’s a good fine motor practice for younger kids, but I think 6 years old is the youngest possible age, and 8+ would be ideal for Engino Simple Machines. I also really wish it were Lego compatible as we have a lot of Lego blocks.
I got a question once asking if this set can be used by two kids at the same time. As far as I know, you cannot build two full models at the same time, but two kids can certainly experiment with their own creations and make their own discoveries at the same time. This set will also work well as part of homeschool curriculums or as a “brain break” between subjects.

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Ticia said...

I know my science and builder kid would love that.

Theresa A said...

I think it is great that older children can enhance their knowledge of building or homeschoolers can use it as part of their curriculum.

Skye said...

What I like most about this is how the set builds multiple models and has multiple engineering concepts. We had looked at the Goldieblox sets for my son and they just seemed so limited. Adding this to the Xmas list for him right now. Thanks for the detailed review, it was very helpful!

penni said...

I really appreciate that this awesome set comes with a detailed instruction booklet! That would be so helpful for those of us - kids and adults - who are not so mechanically inclined!

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I think this needs to go on the possible list for Johnny's 8th birthday (next year). Or maybe Emma's 9th...

Christy McGuire said...

This sounds like a really beneficial toy .

Katrina said...

Oops- already hit publish so if this papers twice, sorry! I think this looks very cool and my kids would love it! I really appreciated hearing about the increased ability required to read the instructions. It's not a problem now as my daughter is a very strong reader but I did notice that problem often when they were younger. Thanks!

CarrieAnn13 said...

I like that kids can follow the instructions or come up with their own designs