Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Today I am sharing beautiful and unique gifts that you don’t have to buy, with materials readily available in your house – old books, paper, and cardboard. All you need is imagination and a little bit of time.
12 Fantastic Paper Gifts You Can Do YourselfYet again I am joining my friends from Kid Blogger Network in a big giveaway and in sharing ideas that could be interesting for parents and caregivers looking for fun activities to do with their kids. This time around the theme is Christmas! As all of us are considering what gifts to buy and to make for our friends and family, I thought to share some amazing gifts that can be done with paper and cardboard.

1. Paper Winter Village

My husband made this paper winter village over several years painstakingly designing and cutting each house by hand. Since now we have a paper cutting machine (Silhouette Portrait), we are planning to give Christmas houses to our closest friends as a special Christmas gift – from Planet Smarty Pants.
Paper Winter Village from Planet Smarty Pants

2. Paper Building Blocks

Delight preschoolers and older kids by building colorful paper building blocks from construction paper – from Babble Dabble Do
Paper Building Blocks from Babble Dabble Do

3. School From a Shoebox

Repurpose a shoebox to make this mini-classroom for Lego or Playmobil characters – guaranteed to entertain your children for longer than a store-bought version – from MollyMoo.
School from a Shoebox from MollyMoo

4. Paper Mache Bowls

Make beautiful paper mache bowls for small items or jewelry – from Happy Hooligans
Paper Mache Bowl from Happy Hooligans

5. Play Structure from Recycled Newspaper

Surprise your kids with a play structure made out of recycled newspapers… or build it with them! – from Inner Child Fun.
Newspaper Play Structure from Inner Family Fun

6. Cardbox Dollhouse

Why buy a dollhouse when you can build your own exactly to order. Older kids can even build cardboard dollhouse on their own for their younger siblings – from Filth Wizardry.
Cardboard dollhouse from Filth Wizardry

7. Cardboard Box Puppet Theater

My husband made this cardboard table top puppet theater several years ago, and it is still in active use. Great for playing out the Nativity story – from Planet Smarty Pants.
Cardboard Theater from Planet Smarty Pants

8. Paper Beads

Make your own paper beads to use in bracelets or necklaces. Great tutorial for easy DIY paper beads from Red Ted Art.
Easy Paper Beads from Red Ted Art

9. Paper Flower

If you have a book that you plan to recycle, transform it into a paper flower – from Craftside
how to make a recycled book flower from Craftside

10. Make a DIY Mirror Frame

Make your mirror frame or photo frame special with this decoupage project from Moms and Crafters.
mirror frame from Moms and Crafters

11. Paper Bracelets

Use your kids process art and make beautiful and unique paper bracelets from Picklebums.
Folded Paper Bracelets from Picklebums


12. Make a Paper Ornament

This paper ball ornament is pretty enough to give as a present or use in your own house – from Serious Whims.
Ball christmas ornament from Serious Whims

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Your Turn

fantastic DIY paper gifts

Are you giving homemade gifts this Christmas?


Ticia said...

Sigh, my paper crafts never turn out looking as pretty as those. Especially once the kids get involved, and they always do....

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

So many great ideas that I want to try in this post!

Emma @ P is for Preschooler said...

I love paper crafts! As Ticia mentioned, mine never come out looking so lovely, but it's all about the fun of the process, right? ;)

Carrie said...

Some fun paper crafts! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!