Saturday, October 4, 2014

Highlights of the Week

  • It was a crazy week for me at work with late 11 pm calls and early morning 6 am calls, so we took it easy with after school activities.
  • We had one more weekend with Smarty’s uncle before he flew back home to Germany.
  • After some reshuffling, tennis is back on the list of things Smarty is doing weekly. Yeah, she is one busy third grader this fall season, but things should quiet down once her school play is finished in early December.


School is going well with a lot more creative work this year in writing and social studies. I loved the project in social studies where students worked in small groups and were presented with the problem of the river flooding the fields around town and destroying the wildlife. Each group was given a “solution” to the problem and was asked to develop a poster on pros and cons of their “solution”. Then the next day each group presented their poster and the students “voted” on the best approach. They all agreed that they would need to “change the river” by making it deeper and wider.

What My Child Is Reading

Reading-OfficeWe found a new book to read together this week – I am reading Space Station Rat (an affiliate link) by Michael J. Daley to Smarty. Her enthusiasm for the story reminds me of my own love of science fiction when I was a child, but I think I got into science fiction when I was over 10. I also observe that Smarty is slowly recovering her interest in non-fiction reading – they are reading Time for Kids magazine in school, and this week she brought three issues of Ask magazine from the library. Her favorite issue was the one about toilets and underwear.

Places We Are Going

Felton Railroad
Last weekend, we took my husband’s brother to ride a steam railroad in Santa Cruz mountains. For people who are local to the area or visiting San Francisco Bay Area, Roaring Camp is worth a visit as it combines a trip in the past of human achievement with amazing views of coastal redwoods. It’s more or less our tradition to go to the Roaring Camp this time of the year. The day was a little gray, but everyone still enjoyed the trip, especially geeky German brothers who couldn’t get enough of steam engine.

Favorite Memory of the Week

We went for a walk to look for “signs of fall”. It’s a little difficult to believe that fall is “for real”, since we have a heat wave again. However, the mornings are cool, the leaves start to turn, and we even had our first real rain in months. Smarty is very concerned about California water situation and does her best to turn off water… most of the time. She has also told me that she plans to invent a new toilet when she grows up – the one that will use less water.

Post of the Week

Halloween Chemistry Ideas is still going very strong fueled by Pinterest traffic, but I want to highlight the second most popular post this week – Gifted Advocacy for Beginners.

Advocating-for-Gifted-Kids Your Turn

How was your week?


Ticia said...

The picture of Smarty reading in the Hello Kitty shirt makes her look so grown up.

mnmmariam said...

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