Saturday, October 25, 2014

Highlights of the Week

  • Smarty turned 8! As always, she was super excited about her birthday. Her birthday party is this weekend.
  • I am on jury duty and in a jury selection pool for a serious criminal case. Jury selection is next week. Keeping my fingers crossed that I am not chosen, since the trial is expected to last almost 2 months.
  • My husband started a new job.
  • I am reading the first book of The Hunger Games (affiliate link), and it’s seriously interfering with my sleep!


Nothing majorly new happened in school. Kids started to learn multiplication. It’s interesting to see how stronger kids understand it and have various levels of fluency with multiplication facts while the weakest group is struggling majorly with the concept itself. In independent work, Smarty has an opportunity to work on a higher level. She had her multiplication figured out in the second grade and now has a decent fluency with multiplication facts. This work above was from an activity we did at home, and I was gratified to see that she is able to apply her knowledge of multiplication and division to practical problems. I will explain the activity itself in the upcoming post.

After School

Shimmer Smarty’s “wish for a fish” came true for her birthday. Our main present for her was a betta fish aquarium, and she came with us to Petco on Tuesday afternoon to choose her first pet. It was hard but eventually she chose this gorgeous male betta. He looks blue in the picture, but in fact he has red streaks on his fins and tails, and looks lovely. Smarty called him Shimmer. So far Shimmer is happy and fed punctually. Hopefully he will have a long betta life in our house.

What My Child Is Reading

Our birthday book for Smarty was the last installment in Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan – The Blood of Olympus (affiliate link). Smarty is finding it quite intense, so she is not reading it as fast as we thought she would. In fact, in the middle of the week she switched to books she brought from her school library – one of My Dear Dumb Diary books and  D’Aulaires’ Book of Norse Myths. In parallel, I am reading the first book of 39 Clues to her, also incidentally by Rick Riordan.

Places We Are Going

Halloween YMCA It’s time for Halloween parties! On Thursday Smarty’s YMCA had their celebration, and on Friday her school had their annual Monster Boogie Bash. Sadly, attendance was somewhat lower than usual, probably because of The World Series. For both events Smarty went in her traditional homemade witch costume. It’s probably the last year it still fits! She will be a ghost on Halloween night.

Best Memory of the Week

Birthday 2014 I love how excited and grateful Smarty was on her birthday. We all really enjoyed the day. I also really liked that she chose to go to a birthday party for her friend on her actual birthday and she did her best to make her friend feel special. I am glad that she is growing to be not only intelligent, but also kind even though we still have a lot of work to do to teach her not to just blurt out everything she thinks.

Most Popular Post

Halloween Chemistry Ideas rules the blog for another week… Curious how it will do once Halloween is over :)

Your Turn

How was your week?


Phyllis said...

Happy Birthday! What a beautiful fish!

Phyllis said...

Happy Birthday! What a beautiful fish!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Happy belated birthday to Smarty! Kindness is a beautiful quality to be growing into.

Ticia said...

I think Smarty got the same set for her birthday that Princess wants.

She is growing into quite a wonderful little girl.

I'm not too surprised she finds this one more intense than some of the others, it really was.

I'll be curious to know what you think of 39 Clues, I was on the fence about it and could never quite decide if I liked it or not.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

That is a really pretty betta fish! Her lego set looks pretty incredible.