Saturday, October 18, 2014

Highlights of the Week

  • It’s the last week with my 7 year old. Tomorrow Smarty is turning 8! Time flies so quickly!
  • Smarty and Papa had a lot of fun helping out with school garden last weekend. Parent volunteers rock!
  • I had an incredibly intense week at work with another delay to my main project. I am quite exhausted.
  • I managed to read The Blood of Olympus before we give it to Smarty for her birthday – yay, me! This partially explains my level of exhaustion, because I was staying up late reading it.
  • A big dead tree in our backyard toppled over without warning. Luckily, it didn’t fall on the power lines or on the fence.

School News

WritingSchool continues to go very well. Smarty’s favorite day is Wednesday, because she has “four favorite things: library, choir, Mad Science after school class, and Mama coming to volunteer for math”. I enjoy volunteering in Smarty’s classroom and getting to know different kids. It’s kind of alarming to see the gap between the weakest and the strongest kids, which is becoming more noticeable now when weaker kids are asked to take on more challenging tasks. I am trying to help, but it’s obvious that some of them would really benefit from a deeper 1:1 instruction. On the other hand, the strongest cluster is thriving this year, because they get to do tasks of their level in individual work and in a group work together.

After School News

Rectangle-Square-Start I am excited to join a writing team on Bedtime Math, as I am hoping to share my love for math with a wider audience. You are welcome to guess what math activity we were doing here :) This (and one more activity that I hope to share next week) were the only two “guided activities” this week. Smarty spent the rest of her unstructured time after school reading. Interestingly, she hasn’t asked for any computer time for a really long time and I don’t even remember when she watched TV last.

What My Child Is Reading

WMCIR-Oct18Smarty is very taken by Spirit Animals series and is already on book 4. Together we finished The Space Station Rat and she also read random books from her extensive home library. And here she is – in her favorite reading spot on the stairs – so she can be close to the kitchen when my husband and I cook or talk there.

Places We Are Going

Pumpkin PatchEvery year we go to the same pumpkin patch on the parking lot of our strip mall. It’s not much, but it’s tradition. Even Smarty knows she is growing out of these visits, but this is one of the things of her early childhood that she is not willing to give up, especially since she gets to choose all our pumpkins for decorations and for carving.

Favorite Memory of the Week

Pumpkin-Portrait Every year I am taking a picture of Smarty sitting on top of “papa pumpkin” that we bring to decorate our porch and eventually to carve. This picture made me realize how much she grew lately both physically and socially. It’s bittersweet to see her change, and I am grateful for every moment that we have together. I love hearing her tell me every evening how much she loves me and that I am the best Mama in the world.  I will miss my 7 year old, but I am looking forward to the whole year with my 8 year old.

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Your Turn

How was your week?


min said...

Happy Birthday Smarty!

Ticia said...

Happy birthday Smarty!

I'm curious how you liked the ending of the Olympus series. I saw he's going to do a take on Norse mythology, I can't wait to read that.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Such a sweet and smart kid! Happy birthday, Smarty!