Saturday, October 11, 2014

Highlights of the Week


  • Another crazy week at work for me – boo! But my project is moving along, so at least all the craziness is not for nothing.
  • Smarty started the choir and really likes it so far.
  • Both my husband and I feel like we are fighting a virus of some kind. We feel exhausted all the time. So far Smarty has been her usual cheerful self.

School News

Our school has differentiated language arts instruction program, where 4 times a week students have an hour of instruction according to their reading and writing level. This year third graders have a new “ultra-strong” group with 7 people, and Smarty with 4 more kids in her class is in that group. She explained that this group is for kids who feel frustrated in a regular classroom and want to move forward faster. I still didn’t really see any output from this program, but Smarty said that they are reading Judith Viorst books, study comparisons and alliterations, and learn to do Internet research using Google and Wikipedia. But her favorite part of the day at the moment is Social Studies where they are studying Ohlone Indians – a tribe that used to live in our area.

Places We Are Going

Misc-Moon Eclipse_000

Smarty’s class is studying space in science, and she found out about the upcoming total lunar eclipse in school. It happened at 3:30 am for our area, and Smarty begged us to wake her up for it. We did, and it was the right decision. The sky was very clear, and the eclipse was spectacular. Smarty really enjoyed cuddling with us under the blankets and watching the shadow of Earth move over the Moon. She also asked a million questions, to which we had no answers. I am looking forward to studying more astronomy when she is a little older.

What My Child Is Reading

The Faraway Tree Stories

Disclaimer: the links are Amazon affiliate links. Smarty really enjoyed the first book Wild Born in the series written by different authors. While she was waiting to get book #2, she got into The Faraway Tree Stories: Three Books in OneThe Faraway Tree Stories by Enid Blyton – this edition includes three stories in one book, and I snagged it at our library’s garage sale. It’s a pretty thick book, but Smarty read it in a couple of days and already approaching the end. She is a really fast reader when she is really captured by the book, and can read for hours.

Best Memory of the Week:

Smarty: One day I will have a boyfriend. I don’t think I want to have one in middle school, but it’s important to have a boyfriend in college.

Me: Why is it important to have a boyfriend in college?

Smarty: Because someone has to earn money while I go to college.

Me: [A major reset of expectations after I had managed to stop laughing].

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Your Turn

How was your week?


Ticia said...

I'm guessing it took you a long time to stop laughing.

A very long time.

I wanted to get up for the eclipse, and it was at a closer to reasonable time for us, but we were a sick family during that time, so it didn't happen. I heard later it was kind of cloudy in our area.

It looks like towards the bottom of your picture you can see Venus.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I like the way that girl thinks :)