Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My daughter wanted a magic wand ever since she read Harry Potter. Finally she took matters into her own hands and made herself a magic wand out of Lego.
How to Make a Lego Magic Wand

A Lego Wand “Tutorial”

Smarty (age 7) appeared with her Lego magic wand when my husband and I were sitting outside. She was very proud of her Lego creation and insisted on disassembling it later and showing me how she put it together. This was not a blog-driven project (actually, it never is in our house, since Smarty has no idea that I blog), so excuse the mess in her room – consider it a “candid” photo tutorial :)

1. Assemble your pieces.

Clearly we have a lot of loose Lego bricks, since Smarty had no problems finding colorful pieces for the top of her wand. She wanted her wand to have a rainbow color for “good spells” and a “fiery phoenix” red core.

2. Make the “top” of the wand

Put your colorful tiles on top on 2x8 white pieces.

3. Make the “core” of the wand.

Connect red 2x8 thin pieces into an H shape and then put your white pieces in the middle of H:

4. Stabilize the back of the wand

Connect the white pieces with “2x8” thin pieces to keep your wand together. Smarty alternated red and brown pieces to add “wood” to her wand.

5. Play

Ta-da! Your wand is ready to play. Smarty wants to take it with her when she goes out as a witch on Halloween. I am not so sure knowing her gift for losing things, but at least she can practice her spells at home.

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Your Turn:

What kind of Lego fun did your kids do lately?


Ticia said...

My boys are currently attempting to convince me to build Roman legions using Legos, well that and Minecraft.

My kids all went for sticks to make their wands, and then decorated them.

Have you gotten the new book yet? I'm holding off because I have some stuff to get done before I disappear for a day or so to read.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Nicely done, Smarty!

Eileen Teo said...

Very smart of her! Thank you for sharing it with us #Pintorials

jeannine said...

Of course everyone needs a Lego Magic Wand! Thank Smarty Pants for sharing.

Brain Power Boy said...

Well, I know LEGO will be part of our day but it is pretty hard to say just how. He made a vignette of me being eaten by a sea creature yesterday! Yikes LOL
Love the LEGO wand--sharing

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I really like how Smarty thought through the colors for the core, and the type of spells she would be doing - so much more than a Lego project going on!