Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Last weekend we went camping in Little Basin State Park in Santa Cruz Mountains. In just about a day Smarty learned so  many new things:


1. Smarty already practiced pitching the tent in the backyard and was happy to help her Papa to pitch a tent on our site.
2. The camping site was very large, but clearly signed, and our 7 year old had a lot of freedom to explore it, especially since it was a company-sponsored outing, and everyone at the site was from my company. She loved being able to “roam” on her own.
3. We didn’t have “stay clean” expectations, and Smarty enjoyed climbing, touching and getting filthy dirty. She was also excited to have her first night at the fire and making her first s’mores. By the way, she didn’t like them and neither did we – so sticky!
4. Our site neighbors had a 6 year old, and Smarty quickly made a new friend. The girls spent hours playing house in this fairy ring of redwood trees. Of course, Smarty needed to have a library in her house…
5. This camping was a “luxury camping” in the sense that my company provided lunch and dinner, plus lots of activities for kids. Smarty was especially thrilled with a chance to ride a pony for the first time.
Pony-Riding 6. During the camp fire, rangers were talking about the wild life of redwood forests. In the morning we could observe some of this wildlife up close and personal.
Of course, Smarty loved her first camping experience and can’t wait to go again. I think we need a bigger tent though, since she was the only one having a restful night :)

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Your Turn?

Did you go camping with your kids yet?


Ticia said...

My kids all love camping, and we're talking about getting a new tent. Our current one is slowly falling apart. We've got two smaller ones that are a good size for playing with though.

"Luxury camping," that does sound nice.

jeannine said...

That quote by Anna is worth framing! Speaks to my heart!

That library in a tree is one I want in my backyard.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Sounds like a normal day in Montana, except that we love s'mores :) I like the library in the tree!

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I'm a big fan of luxury camping. And I am always disappointed by smores. The texture/flavor just isn't right, for me - and too sweet.

This looks like a great camping experience! I am going to show your post to Mike, because we disagree about what size tent to get (I want a larger one).

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading this as we love camping too. Our son's not even 18 months old and has been camping three times already. I hope that he'll have a great time learning about the world around him too!