Saturday, September 27, 2014

Highlights of the Week


  1. My husband’s brother is on a business trip to LA, and last weekend he flew in to visit us. Smarty was delighted to see him, and was sad to see him go. He will come again this weekend, and then they will meet up in Florida in November for our annual reunion.
  2. We have a big reorganization at work, and I’ve been crazy busy. As always during these times, there is a lot of uncertainty, but I am not too worried at this point of time.
  3. Smarty is suddenly playing more with dolls even though she specifically instructed me not to give her dolls for her birthday and to let anyone know that she is not interested in any Frozen merchandise.


MathAtHome School is going well. This week fourth and fifth graders were running for School Council, and Smarty can’t wait to be able to run too. She is certainly not a “wall flower” when it comes to any extracurricular activity. If anything, she overestimates her abilities, but I am glad she is so enthusiastic about everything happening in school outside her classroom. At home we are doing a lot of math to go beyond the math curriculum. This is a problem that I gave Smarty one evening – You have 25 coins, and together they make $1.00. Which coins do you have?

What My Child Is Reading

This week I actually read aloud to Smarty while she was playing with dolls. We haven’t done it in a long time, and it was very relaxing for to do so in the middle of my “busyness”. I am reading to her Don’t Know Much About Space and discovering that she, in fact, knows quite a lot of facts which she usually considers too “boring” to reveal. I placed her other library picks in Amazon Associates widget:

Places We Are Going

Exploratorium Last Sunday we took my brother-in-law to The Exploratorium in San Francisco. It was less crowded in comparison to our previous visits, and Smarty had a blast with all hands-on exhibits. My favorite was a demonstration on how water can freeze at room temperature in “near vacuum”. She loved the dry ice exhibit where small pieces of dry ice were melting in a pool of water. This moveable Golden Gate bridge was quite a hit too.

Favorite Memory of the Week

Soccer Smarty really enjoyed having her uncle here. They spent some time outside bonding through playing soccer. My brother-in-law and his wife live in Germany, but his English is very good, so there is no language barrier. I think he also really appreciated this extra time with his only niece.

Most Popular Post of the Week

This week it’s a “popularity tie” between 12 Amazing Engineering Projects for Kids and Halloween Chemistry Ideas.


Your Turn

How was your week?


Ticia said...

Looks like a great week to me. Logic/math puzzles like that are both really fun and very frustrating to me at the same time.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Having family visit is always nice! Sounds like you had a wonderful week.