Saturday, August 23, 2014

Highlights of the Week

  1. On Wednesday Smarty started the third grade. She is excited to have a teacher she really wanted. We are cautiously optimistic, because we heard that this teacher knows how to challenge more advanced students and her class has a sizable cluster of strong students who can bounce ideas off each other.
  2. Smarty is very excited to have several of her good friends in the same class. We are curious to see how she will be building new friendships and developing existing friendships this year.
  3. Smarty is wrapping up her summer tennis program. We haven’t decided yet whether we will look for a group class in fall – the school will have another fall musical production (The Wiz), and Smarty wants to participate again this year. I think we will only leave gymnastics as a weekly sports class and will play tennis on weekends when we can.

Places We Are Going

Whale Watching_066
Last Sunday we went whale watching off Moss Landing (about 1 hour drive from us). It was an amazing experience – seeing huge humpback whales fully breaching so close to the boat. Unfortunately, Smarty didn’t fully enjoy the trip – she had a bad trip on a sailboat last year when we ran into some fog and very choppy waters. She was terrified then and was nervous during our whale watching trip, because the boat was rocking quite a bit. We really need a couple of trips on calm waters, so she can hopefully start to enjoy being on the boat again.

What My Child Is Reading

Lost in a book
Smarty is slowly coming out of rereading Harry Potter phase – a trip to the library helped too. I placed her current book picks into Amazon affiliate Widget:

Favorite Memory of the Week

This is a picture of Smarty settling down at her desk on the first day of school. You could almost touch the excitement of kids and their parents. Everything is fresh and new, everyone is ready for a new school year, everyone is happy to see some of their old friends in the same classroom. We just hope that this sense of excitement about learning and discovery will last this year!

Most Popular Post

Back to school for gifted learners is still #1. I am looking forward to applying all those strategies this year :)

Your Turn:

What were some of the highlights of your week?


Phyllis said...

I have always wanted to see whales breach...and on a sailboat! Too bad she did not have a good time. Wow, 3rd grade! It didn't seem that long ago that she was preschool age. Love that first day at the desk photo. Her year has so much promise, with her growing skills in tennis, gymnastics and the play. Wow.

Bronwyn Joy said...

Very jealous you're only an hour from whale watching! Certainly hope Smarty overcomes any nervousness to make future trips enjoyable.

min said...

Best of look to a new year! It's always nice to have a fresh start!

I'm with Smarty...dislike rocking boats...mostly due to sea sickness. Would love to see whales from solid ground!

Ticia said...

The future sure looks bright for her.

I can't remember has she read the Gail Carson Levine books yet? Some would be too easy for her now, but many of them she'd really enjoy.