Saturday, August 9, 2014

Highlights of the Week

Pattern Drawings
  • Last week of summer camps and a field trip to Monterey Bay Aquarium with the camp. Smarty loves this place, but she was disappointed that they were not allowed to spend any time on the indoor playground in the aquarium.
  • Our best friends came over with their 3 year old, and Smarty was a responsible “big sister” all evening – it used to last only 30 minutes tops.
  • We did a little bit of math a couple of nights. Smarty wanted to start with remembering how to do multi-digit multiplication.

Places We Are Going

We took it easy this week and spent last weekend at home with our friends. At least I feel productive after going through Smarty’s clothes and deciding what to keep and what to buy for a new school year.

What My Child Is Reading

Smarty is still fully consumed by Harry Potter books – the same way she used to read and reread Percy Jackson stories. I think she is on her third or fourth pass through the series. She spends a lot of her time reading. It’s funny to see how she always needs to fiddle with something while she reads – she could be completely engrossed in the book while at the same time putting something together with Lego blocks or playing harmonica or twisting a silk scarf. She is very touch oriented, but at least she wasn’t biting herself or chewing on her hair lately – it seems that her bad habits melted away with the heat of summer.

Favorite Memory of the Week

We did some practical work to understand how many cups are in the gallon and how the gallon of water looks like. Then I got out some colored ice to discuss density. Smarty was not much interested in any of that, but she did enjoy “a foot spa” with colored water. Hey, summer is for having fun, right?

Most Popular Post of the Week

Earlier in the week I shared tips on how to help gifted learners in school. I am very grateful to TinkerLab for sharing this post and bringing it to a wide audience. I hope parents of gifted students will find my tips useful.
Back to School for Gifted Learners

Your Turn

How was your week?


Phyllis said...

She is so dang cute! I can see now how beautiful a woman she is going to be, too. Love the "foot spa" picture. It is neat to hear how she is maturing, like taking on the big sister role for so long. What a great week!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

A foot spa - that's so funny...did her feet turn green?

Ticia said...

It's always fun to see how our kids grow and how other people's kids have changed. She sure has grown up a lot in this past year in so many ways.

I just finished rereading the Harry Potter series again this week (well, actually only from book 4, because that's where my kids were assigned to read). Reading may be one of the few things I don't do several things at the same time during it.

Bronwyn Joy said...

Field trips are always a mixed bag. On the one hand.. FIELD TRIP! On the other hand, the places they visit are usually fascinating in and of themselves and having to stick with the group can be tough on a fascinated kid.