Saturday, August 30, 2014

Highlights of the Week

  1. First cold of the school year – sadly, Smarty had to miss Thursday and Friday because of the head cold. We don’t believe in sending her in with fever, but it’s hard to keep her in bed since she is feeling OK.
  2. We went to two different parties last weekend – a lot of fun, but, unfortunately, plenty of opportunities to get a virus or two.
  3. We had friends from Germany staying with us for a couple of days. Smarty always enjoys these kinds of breaks in routine. She was a good sport about getting ready for bed and going to bed on her own.
  4. My work has been rather busy – I am very grateful for my husband’s flexible working arrangement, where he can stay home with a sick child if necessary.
  5. Until Smarty got sick, we followed our routine schedule – library on Monday, friends (playdates) on Tuesday, science on Wednesday. She missed her “sports on Thursday” (a gymnastic class). We also have cook on Friday, bake on Saturday, go places on Sunday. Soon the schedule will change, since she signed up for a school musical and will be in rehearsals on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Luckily, her usual playdate friends signed up for the same musical too.

School News

So far Smarty is really enjoying school. Luckily, she shares quite a bit of what is happening in school, especially if I ask more direct questions, like Did you do anything special in math class? She has another student in her class that is way above level, and the teacher is already pairing them together for special assignments in math. It’s interesting to see how this will develop, because Smarty and M spend a lot of time arguing over approaches and trying to impress each other rather than solving problems, but at least their brains are engaged and working. Smarty is also thrilled to learn cursive and works hard to practice her letters. The teacher has an interesting approach to teaching it – it looks like they are learning 3 letters every week. First they learned t,e,a, and this week they learned how to write h, i, and l. Now Smarty is amusing herself seeing how many words she can construct out of these letters.

Places We Are Going

We didn’t go far last weekend, since we had two parties in the neighborhood to go to. It was interesting to see how quickly Smarty joined the play even with the kids she doesn’t know. She is a pretty social kid when she wants to be :)

What My Child Is Reading

Reading-in-Bed Since Smarty was sick, we tried (not very successfully) to keep her in bed. You can see her bookshelf in the background. She spent a lot of time reading her favorites, and some of the new books that we brought from the library on Monday. Now, find two age-inappropriate books (one too young, another too old) in my Amazon affiliate widget below. Smarty and I had “a discussion” when she picked up Middle School: How to Deal in the library, but after flipping through the book I decided to let her have it, since she has such an intense interest about the mysterious world of middle school. She later reported to me that I was right, and the book was not for her age. I asked her why and she explained that it mentions tampons and bras. Glad that we have a few years to go before that!

My Favorite Memory of the Week

Planet-Duplo I love it when Smarty is in creative mood. She was working on this “Duplo playground” for two days. She was a little disappointed that she ran out of Duplo blocks for a Duplo house. She plays with Lego as well, but they are a lot harder for her fingers to “unlock” when she wants to move things around.

Most Popular Post of the Week

This title went back with a big bang to 12 Amazing Engineering Projects for Kids, partially because it was “reprinted” by Smart Apps for Kids:

Your Turn

How was your week? Any “sickies” in your house after the first days and weeks of school?


Phyllis said...

Sorry she is sick. Hope she is feeling better now. I like your schedule with different things to do each day. Sounds like fun.

min said...

All the kids we know, including mine, have been sick with a fever once already. But I was surprised how quickly it passed. Hope Smarty gets well quickly too!

Sarah said...

I'm sorry she was sick but it sounds like it wasn't too bad. Malcolm was also sick last week and missed the first day of kindergarten! Jane had a cough but no fever, so she didn't miss school. Anna's hair got so blond over the summer!

Ticia said...

I'm suffering allergies right now and probably making everyone in my house miserable with it.

It must be interesting for Smarty living in a multi-lingual house.

Bronwyn Joy said...

I had to tell you I've just finished that Smart Parenting For Smart Kids book you recommended. Very worthwhile read, thanks!

Also - it's great she's got someone to argue approaches over. I bet she even enjoys that :)