Saturday, August 16, 2014

Highlights of the Week

  • Smarty had a very busy last week of her vacation at home with her Papa. They made a big plan of places to go and things to do this week.
  • School starts next Wednesday, and Smarty is really excited about it. She can’t wait to find out who will teach her this year.
  • Smarty and Papa had fun going to play mini golf with friends while I “slaved away” in the office. It’s been a busy week for me as well!

Places We Are Going

Wilder Ranch
Last weekend we went hiking in another State Park near the ocean – The Wilder Ranch. Smarty was really not in the mood for hiking for some reason, but once we dragged her there, she enjoyed the walk, the scenery and a discussion about what it would take to invent a smell recorder.

What My Child Is Reading

Smarty is still stuck on Harry Potter rereads. She is now an expert on all things Harry Potter, just as she is an expert on all things Percy Jackson. However, one evening I hooked her on From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler (an affiliate link). She wouldn’t touch the book based on its title and cover, but I read her the first chapter, and then she read the rest… in about an hour. Yes, she loved it. Yes, she is a speed reader. No, she doesn’t have a perfect recall, but she does have full understanding of the main story lines in the books that she swallows so quickly.

Favorite Memory of the Week

Smarty never plays with dolls. Instead she is playing with her Hot Wheels cars. She constructs different tracks and then she has competitions for her cars, complete with complex result tables, rules, awards, opening and closing ceremonies, etc. It’s almost too bad that it took her almost all summer to really get into pretend play on her own, but she is certainly enjoying it now. It’s a new world when our daughter does not ask to be entertained by us, her parents.

Most Popular Post

I am very happy that my post on Back to School for Gifted Learners was shared by a popular Kids Activities Blog this week. I really wanted this post to reach parents like myself – parents of gifted students wondering how to support their children best. It was certainly the most popular post this week.

Your Turn:

What were the highlights of your week?


maryanne @ mama smiles said...

The kids and I really enjoyed our last week of vacation. Mike was working, but most of the week he was in Santa Cruz on a resort for work, so that wasn't too painful. :)

I think I need to get some of those Hotwheels tracks for Johnny this Christmas - any particular sets you recommend?

Emma is a speed reader just like Smarty. It's a lot of work to keep enough appropriate books in the house for her!

We start school on Tuesday. I don't know any of the teachers my kids were assigned (we found out their names on Friday, but that's all I know about them), but Lily got the classroom she wanted (a portable rather than the regular super nice HUGE kindergarten classrooms. I think she didn't feel safe in the big rooms) so that is good.

Here's hoping all of our kids really enjoy and learn in school this year!

Ticia said...

We had a going away party for some friends, so that was both the highlight and the lowlight of the week.

That looks like a great park you went by.