Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My 7 year old daughter loves science. She enjoys free form science exploration, such as “potion mixing”, but she is even more delighted to make things that can be used later. This post is about making bath sparkling stones inspired by 101 Kids Activities Book.
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101 Kids Activities Book

101 Kids Activities
We received a new book 101 Kids Activities that Are the Bestest, Funnest Ever! by two terrific kid bloggers Holly Homer and Rachel Miller for review some time ago, and over summer my daughter read through all of it color coding her choices with different color tags. The book has 4 different sections, and it cracked me up that the first three sections had only 2 red bookmarks (that meant that Smarty really wants to try that activity), while the last chapter, science, was full of red tags. It is a big testament to the strength of this book that kids with different interests (and their parents) will find something in this book that will call their name.
Reading Kidsn Activities BookIt was very typical of my Smarty to practically ignore all the activities that were art-related, she is not at all interested in art unless it is done in a group or involves clay. Nevertheless, we did one activity from more “artsy” section of the book before – it was Solar Melted Crayons. Now we finally had time for the activity that was equally interesting for me and for Smarty – making bath sparkling stones.

Set Up for Making Sparkling Bath Stones

I don’t want to reproduce the full recipe from the book on my blog, but the only “secret ingredient” that required a trip to the store was Epson salt. The rest is easily found in your pantry. Smarty is currently very interested in how smells work, so she took her time choosing essential oils for her bath stones from our sizable collection, eventually deciding on lemongrass and vanilla. The book recommended using small paper cups to shape the stones, but we had several round plastic containers that came with all those party favors, and they were perfect in size and shape for this project.

Kids Love Making Useful Things

Bath Stones
I was hanging out with Smarty and sometimes gave her advice, but she did the whole activity on her own following clear instructions from the book. The book gave the warning about the fact that Epson salts are not edible, but Smarty had graduated from “put everything in your mouth” school a few years back. She divided the solids into 3 jars and added primary color food coloring into them. Then she packed 2 different colors into plastic containers. She also added her own twist to the recipe by throwing in a few lavender flowers for even more aroma and then set out the containers to dry out in the sun.

Did Our Bath Stones Work?

Kid Made Sparkling Bath Stones
They worked rather well! It took 24 hours for the stones to dry, and then I helped Smarty to get them out of the containers. She already tested one bath stone declared that bath “the most relaxing bath ever". Granted, the “bubbling” was minimal, since our stones were busily fizzing during preparations, but the stone looked very pretty while slowly dissolving and coloring bath water. The bath also smelled really well. This project will make a great DIY birthday or Christmas present for people who love pampering, but we will be experimenting with the recipe to see if we can improve it and make it more fizzy (there are some suggestions in the original recipe for that).

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Your Turn

Have you tried any DIY cosmetics? What was it?


Ticia said...

I have not tried any cosmetics, but it's been on my to try list at some point. I've thought about making Princess' next party like that, but she wants a doll party.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

This is one of the activities in this book that my kids want to try! Glad to hear it worked pretty well for Smarty.

Raising Samuels said...

Hi, visiting from TGIF 123 Homeschool 4 Me. What a fun science project! My oldest son enjoys science also so I will have to look into purchasing the science book. Thanks for sharing!

otilia stocks said...

and how i wish a had a bath now!
tha k you for linking up with the #pinitparty

Terri Thompson said...

This is one of the projects we've bookmarked too! We're definitely going to have to try it now!

Katie Pinch said...

This looks so fun, I know my kids would love making and using them! Thanks for sharing at the #lovetolearnlinky Please come share again this Thursday :)

Beth Gorden said...

Those look SO cool! I totally want to try this. Thanks for linking up at TGIF =)