Saturday, July 12, 2014

In Our Lives…

Japanese Food
This week Smarty went back to her Y camp where the theme was Little Athletes. She got a little too used to “freestyle” life in the last 2 weeks and asked to stay home every single day. However, she enjoyed the camp and their outdoor rock climbing field trip, and now she is looking forward to going again next week. At home we took it very easy with no planned activities. She spent most of her time reading and daydreaming.

A Wish for a Fish

Fish facts
Smarty really wants a pet, and we agreed that she can have fish. She read three different books on choosing and caring for fish and presented us with her “research paper”. There is only one problem – we have no idea where to put a 10 gallon aquarium, so she might have to compromise for smaller fish. We plan a trip to a pet store this weekend to figure our options out.

What My Child Is Reading

Fish Research
As always, Smarty spent a lot of time reading. She finished all the books by J.K. Rowling and keeps hoping that she will return to Harry Potter (conveniently, J.K. Rowling did just that this week by publishing a short new Harry Potter story online). We expected her to reread the books right away, but she seems to need time to “settle them” in her mind first. Instead she returned to some of her other favorite books – they are placed in my Amazon affiliate widget:

Favorite Memory of the Week

Independence Day 2014
OK, technically this is a picture from the last week, but I wanted to share this memory from our 4th of July street party. Interestingly, Smarty didn’t enjoy the party quite as much as in previous years, but maybe it’s because we didn’t have any friends with kids joining us this year, and she doesn’t have close friends on the street. Still she had fun, especially while watching fireworks.

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Phyllis said...

Freestyle life can be fun sometimes. I am glad she like her camp and rock climbing. Katie used to like rock climbing before her shoulder started popping out...not because of the rock was something she was born with that came out when she became a teen.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I'm a fan of freestyle myself, but her camps sound great. Good luck with the fish :)

Ticia said...

My kids are all about freestyle life. Sigh, I'm such a bad example of structure.

The rumor is the short story is the basis for a full novel, potentially for Harry Potter as an adult.