Saturday, June 7, 2014

In Our Lives

Last Day of School
School is out! Smarty couldn’t wait for the last day of school, but we were running a little late, so I didn’t even have a chance to take a good picture. Never mind – neither of us is bittersweet about leaving second grade behind, just relieved that it’s over. This year Smarty didn’t have even a shred of regret about parting with her classroom. She is eagerly looking forward to being able to sleep in – she doesn’t have to be in her summer camp before 9, and we have flexibility to take her in later. Hopefully, she will be able to see her best friends over summer – unfortunately, they don’t live walking distance from us, so seeing each other requires parental coordination.

After School Adventures

Tennis Lessons
Smarty asked to learn to play tennis for a while now, and now opportunity presented itself, and we signed up for four lessons with a coach. She really enjoyed her first lesson, but is still reluctant to practice. We have to see how it goes – we told her that unless she is willing to practice the sport that she claimed she wanted to learn so badly, we won’t be continuing with the lessons.

Places We Are Going

Magic Show
I am very grateful for our library. Their children section is great, and they also have special events for children almost every week. Usually we are not able to go to special events happening during our working hours, but this week I made an effort to clear my schedule and take daughter to see a magic show. She even got to go on stage and assist the magician with one of his tricks.

What My Child Is Reading

Reading in the Library
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While we were in the library, we signed up for our summer reading program. I suspect Smarty will claim all the prizes within a week, since the top expectation is to read for 15 hours during summer. I’d say that this is her reading average every week. She continues to devour comic books from our home collection and is impatiently waiting for the next book in The Warriors series to arrive from the library.

Favorite Memory of the Week

Mourning Dove with Chicks
Some time ago I wrote about mourning dove family nestling in our flower basket at the backyard door. That nest failed, we suspect that our gardener removed the nest when we were not around. Not to be deterred, the pair made a new nest – this time under the overhang of our porch literally a meter away from our front door. This time they successfully produced two chicks, and we all enjoy observing them from our kitchen window. It was quite amazing to see the chicks growing from tiny balls to fluff this week, and we are hoping that they will be ready to fly next week.

Most Popular Post and Pin

I enjoyed writing about our favorite books for different ages. It seems that parents of 2-3 year olds are most likely to look for book recommendations, since my post about June books for 2-3 year olds continues to be my most popular last week.
6 June Books for 3 Year Olds
The most popular pin was a bit unusual. It came from this June Crafts with very few followers, but there are some very pretty ocean theme crafts on that board. Allie linked to the round up of Father Day’s ideas from No Time for Flash Cards that I featured in the post above.

Your Turn

How was your week? Are you done with school?


Phyllis said...

I love your picture of the dove! It looks like she is having a fun and busy time. How fun to be in a magic show!

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

We are done with school and I am SO glad! Next year should be better, since the kids will all be in the same school, and one we can walk to.

How wonderful to watch baby doves grow up! It looks like Smarty really enjoyed that magic show!

Ticia said...

That's a great shot of the dove.

Our library does some great children's activities, but we always forget to make it to them, even though many of them have multiple times of happening.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

We have another dove's nest outside of D's window. The crows attacked one nest last year...then we had a successful nest - that was terrific. This year the crows are everywhere. I've spent so much time outside clapping and yelling at crows the neighbors have to think I'm crazy. Watch the babies carefully - they're very vulnerable!