Saturday, May 3, 2014


School. These final few weeks of school have a special feeling in them. The last big project of the year, a Heritage Report, was due this week, and working on it was both fun and stressful for entire family. My husband wanted Smarty to take more ownership, but she was not able to handle such a big project entirely on her own. We all need to learn some lessons from this project, but in the end she brought to school a decent poster and a rather weak (from our point of view) written country report. A separate post on it is coming up… eventually.
Afterschool. For May I have a goal to spend some time outside every day with daughter just focusing on being with her and not thinking about my next work email or the next post that I need to write. This resulted in a pleasant week, except when I had to peel daughter away from her “book of the week”. We continue to write every day for 10 minutes with the focus on correcting the grip – this week she wrote one letter to a friend in Germany and several short “persuasive essays” where she always started with the sentence “XXX is fun and then developed her thoughts as to why that is fun.” This insistence of writing every day belongs to my goal of having high expectations of what my daughter should be able to do properly.
What My Child Is Reading
Mysterious Benedict Society
This week was mostly a one book week. I got Smarty started on Mysterious Benedict Society (an Amazon affiliate link) by Trenton Lee Stewart by reading her the first 10 pages or so. Then she was hooked and read through the rest of the book in about 2 afternoons. Now she is busy rereading her favorite parts as she usually does with the books that she really likes. I didn’t read the book myself yet, but the first pages made me want to read it too. My husband was the one who read it first and recommended it to Smarty. He told me that he really liked the setup, but then a book devolved into a typical children’s book, but I am still curious to read it.
 Summer Plans and Blog News
Camp Galileo
We are finalizing our plans for this summer. I am grateful for my husband’s flexible work situation which allows him to take unpaid time off whenever he wants to, and we plan for Smarty to spend at least 4 weeks at home enjoying the true freedom of summer. The rest of the time she will be going to camps. I am pretty excited to try Camp Galileo this year – a science and art camp for San Francisco Bay Area kids. She will attend Adventures Down Under theme in June. Ironically, right after I signed her up, I was offered to participate in my first ever blogging social marketing campaign to promote Camp Galileo. Naturally, I signed up, and I invite everyone to click the image above or Camp Galileo link and see if you might have Camp Galileo near you. You will save $30 off per camper if you register before the end of May – enter code 2014INNOVATION while checking out.
 Funny Quote of the Week
  • Smarty: I am going to get married at 16.
  • Me: Why?
  • Smarty: Because I want to have money, so I am going to marry someone older who is already making money.
  • Me: Or you can stay with us and have your allowance increased.
  • Smarty: Hmm… This is a much better idea!
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Your Turn: How was your week?


Phyllis said...

The camp looks great. I love that you are going to give her a relaxing summer. Sounds like it was a good week despite your disappointment over her report.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

We have been spending a lot of time at the pool where we live, and I am finding that that makes very little time for blogging! I am really hoping to get at least two of my kids swimming by the end of summer.

Smarty's quote is fabulous. Love your response. She is such a cute kid!

Ticia said...

Batman saw the picture of Smarty jumping in the mud and was very impressed with it. The dirt here is more clay like, so when we get mud here it just sucks you in, and doesn't really splash and play well.

Sarah said...

Your summer plans sound great. I love her comment about getting married at 16!

min said...

I enjoyed the series as much as K did! She still talks about the characters in the book.